Registration Information

  • Students CANNOT register themselves in the Purdue system.
  • There are no assigned registration dates or PIN numbers in the system for Statewide students.
  • All students MUST schedule an advising appointment to meet with Angela Huff ( PRIOR to registering for classes. Making this meeting will trigger a review of your worksheet and plans in myPurdue. A minimum of one day prior to the advising meeting is required.

    • To make an appointment:

      • Email Angela Huff at or call 765-494-5613 to schedule an appointment. You can also send a meeting invitation through your Outlook email. Please indicate whether you want to meet in person, via email, phone, or Microsoft Teams meeting. Note: When sending an email or meeting invitation request, please propose a few days and times you are available to meet​.

        Once the appointment is scheduled, a review of your myPurdue Plan and Course Plans (Plans tab under myPurdue Plan) will occur and updates will be made as needed. Students will use the Plans tab to know what courses they need to put on the Registration Worksheet. Remember it is still the students’ responsibility for meeting prerequisites, fulfilling degree requirements, and students are ultimately responsible for their own educational plan and academic success.

  • BEFORE the advising session, students must check AND clear holds in myPurdue.
    To clear holds:

    • Go to: myPurdue (look under holds – financial tab or academic tab) 
      Note: ALL students will have a minimum of TWO holds (emergency contact and financial obligation – these holds are placed on students' accounts EVERY semester).
  • Students are encouraged to utilize the Class Schedule Worksheet to lay out selected courses from the Class Schedule.
  • Students must complete a Registration Worksheet (this is a fillable PDF form). Worksheet must be signed (type your name in the signature box or print, sign, and scan) and submitted to Angela Huff for processing. Without this form, you will not be registered for classes. Form MUST include all information requested. If not, form will be returned to student.
  • Graduating - If you are graduating in the upcoming academic year, you must apply to graduate.

    • Go to myPurdue
    • Destination Graduation
    • Apply for Graduation

Students are responsible for meeting course prerequisites, fulfilling degree requirements, and are ultimately responsible for their own educational plan and academic success.