Statewide Innovation

  • Mitchell Meyer & Kyle Richardson


    "I wanted to learn about entrepreneurship because these are assets and skills I can use down the road. At Polytechnic, I have professors with industry experience and the approach is very different. It's about 'Here's an idea. Let's build it and test it.' It's real life."

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    Meyer Richardson

  • Connor McBride & Ben Weiss

    Electric Go Kart

    "Everything we do in here is project-oriented - I don't know what the answer is, unlike many scripted labs we do in the other classes. We literally just identify problems and then the students use their own creativity trying to solve the problems." - Karl Perusich, Associate Professor for Purdue Polytechnic in South Bend

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    McBride Weiss

  • George Reimers

    Smart Proofing Box

    "Just the scope of everything that I've covered in my almost four years here has been pretty staggering. I've been working with hardware, software, alternating current, direct current.. more kinds of programming than I ever would have expected coming in. It's just been a very broad educational experience."

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  • Adam Kickbush

    Green Technology

    "When I started at Purdue Polytechnic, I had no idea what I wanted to do career-wise. Now I know I want to go into green technology. Purdue Polytechnic gave me focus, the project for the boy scouts brought out my passion."

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    Adam Kickbush

  • Andrew Schnobrich

    Automatic Guitar Tuner

    "Just picking up electronics and consumer products and thinking how in the world does this thing work? Who builds this? How do they know how to do that? So coming here and being able to learn how those things are actually made and developed has been great."

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  • David Gramlin

    Heating things up

    Being a fulltime student at Purdue Polytechnic has not hindered David's entrepreneurial activities. He's close to finalizing his heated gloves prototype. His classes and close relationships with instructors have been instrumental in understanding the commercialization and business startup processes.

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    Gramlin Gloves

  • Justin Thompson

    Pond Scum

    Justin, who graduates in May with a degree in Engineering Technology, admits he was a little surprised, but accepted the challenge to help find a solution for the algae-choked pond. If there's one thing the Sharpsville, Indiana native has learned during his four years at Polytechnic, it's how to be a problem solver.

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    Gramlin Gloves

  • Bryan Miller

    Thermoelectric Grill

    "The objective of this project is to build an attractive wood pellet grilling system that eliminates the requirement of a 110 volt power supply. The requirement to be plugged in and restricted within the proximity of an outlet will no longer be necessary"

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    Thermoelectic Grill

  • Lorri Barnett

    The Foodbank Project

    We saw the need for this because we're people. We feel for those people that don't have the money to go out and get food for their kids, to get food for themselves. And it just really touched our hearts and made us want to help out a lot more with that.

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    Food Bank

  • William Weikel

    The Road to Better Whiskey

    "The whiskey mashing process is very inefficient. A 400-gallon mash tun nets about 180 gallons after extraction. Another 20 gallons is lost when you clean the equipment. So about half a batch is lost, " William explained. "So I developed a better way to pull the wort (sugar water) out of the tun to decrease waste and increase yield."

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    Food Bank

  • Mackenzie Boone and Chris Flynn

    BoilerBot Robotic Greenhouse

    BoilerBot is a prototype of a robotic greenhouse, designed to automate the process of planting and growing fresh produce. Using an optical lens to know where to do its work, BoilerBot will be capable of dispersing seeds, watering plants and pulling weeds.

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    BoilerBot Robotic Greenhouse

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