Honors and Awards

The college is proud of its many alumni and friends that represent the Purdue family throughout the world. Our alumni and friends are truly special people. We see this at every event and in the way that they are willing to give back their time and talent to the college. Sometimes you come across an alum who exceeds the expectations of the University, college, and their community. When this happens we like to give honor where honor is due.

Alumni Award nominations

We are currently accepting nominations for the Outstanding Technology Alumni and Early Career Awards. Please be sure to submit all requested documentation with your nomination.

All nominees must have graduated from a departmental program (AS, BS, MS or PhD) in the College of Technology (now the Purdue Polytechnic Institute).

Distinguished Technology Alumni Award nominees must have:

  • Have a degree from Purdue University College of Technology, Purdue Polytechnic Institute, and/or the College of Technology Statewide System (associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate);
  • Have an established career and exhibit high potential for future growth, particularly positions of greater responsibility;
  • Have made exceptional acts of philanthropy to the University, national or world scene; and/or; have a capacity and interest to provide philanthropic support to the department, college, or Purdue
  • Have distinguished themselves through extraordinary achievements in scholarship, their profession, or other creative activities, whether or not they are widely known by the general public; OR
  • Have made outstanding contributions to the welfare and development of Purdue University or the communities of which they are a part

*(Only Purdue Polytechnic faculty/staff may submit nomination for this category)

Outstanding Technology Alumni Award nominees must have:

  • Graduated at least 10 years ago
  • Consistently interacted with the program (guest lectures, curriculum guidance, student projects)
  • Made significant / recognized impacts to their profession
  • Shown outstanding career development, either through traditional channels or innovative approaches 
  • Continued involvement and leadership in professional organizations, college alumni association or community activities.

Early Career Award nominees must have:

  • Graduated less than 10 years ago
  • Made early contributions to their profession
  • Made early contributions to the department through active engagement
  • Professional accomplishments that illustrate long-term promise of being a leader among their peers.
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