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Contact PBOC Travel Center at KNOY-Travel@purdue.edu for all travel related questions

Please be sure the email is in the TO line. Emails in which we are cc’d on, do not always make it to us and cause duplicate tickets to be created.

Travel Cards

Travel Cards can be obtained by Grad Students, Faculty, or Staff based on the frequency of travel. Additional guidance can be located on the Central Procurement website.

Travel Card Application

Download the Travel Card Application and follow the steps below: 

Fill in the top portion of the application with the cardholder details. 

  1. Cardholder signs in the first box - an electronic signature is acceptable.
  2. Cardholder initials, signs, and dates on Page 2. 
  3. Business Manager completes the second box on Page 1. 
  4. Send the completed application via FileLocker to hayden@purdue.edu.

Travel Card Limit Increase

Please complete the Online TCard Limit Increase survey. Card Services will be in touch to confirm the increase, or if there are any questions, within two (2) business days. 

General Travel Resources:

Travel Website 

Travel Card Information

Travel Team

Cindy Barnett

Lindsey Cottrell

Brook Sandifur