Payroll Center
Email header should contain the department, name and brief description of the action.    For example:  CGT/Brown/Offer Letter
Payroll Team: Crystal Pirtle, Cindy Dill, Stacie Dilley and Tina Rice

Email header should contain the department, name and brief description of the action. 

For example:  CGT/Brown/Purchase Order

Purchasing Team: Suzann Rice, Rachel Busch, and Tina Rice
Business Managers


Department E-Mail Phone Building
Angie Delworth DFA 494-9031 KNOY
Hilliary Fox ADFA 494-6601 KNOY
Melissa Walters ProSTAR & SATT 494-6422 NISW
Zandra Barker Statewide, ROTC, & TLI 496-6054 KNOY
Jen Cutter Research Account Manager/CIT 494-1887 KNOY
Vacant-Vice Fox CGT, CMT, & SoET     KNOY
Business Office Staff
Name Department E-Mail Phone Building
Lisa Lawson Admin

494-2557 KNOY
Emily Haygood ProSTAR & SATT 496-6253 NISW
Matthew Bosgraaf CGT, CMT, & SoET​ 496-0381 KNOY
Suzy Habib TLI 494-4002 YONG
Anindita Das Admin, CIT, Statewide, ROTC  494-7520 KNOY
Stacie Dilley Payroll Center 496-1225 KNOY
Cindy Dill Payroll Center 494-6548 KNOY 
Crystal Pirtle Payroll Center 494-9951 NISW
Rachael Busch Purchasing/Travel 494-2556 KNOY
Suzann Rice Purchasing/Travel 494-6604 KNOY
Tina Rice Payroll/Purchasing 494-2555 KNOY
Student Helpers
Name  E-Mail Phone  Building 
Ariel Mickle 494-9688 KNOY
DJ Johnson-Bey

494-6604 KNOY