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The Purdue Polytechnic Institute Business Office coordinates and supervises all business aspects of the college’s academic departments, schools, and administrative units. We serve as the link between academic departments and other areas of the Treasurer's Office. We seek to partner with the college community to support learning, discovery, and engagement by delivering quality business and financial services, and efficiently and effectively providing stewardship of college and department resources.  Read more about the Treasurer's Office here.

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Please Read - New Business Office Processes

The Polytechnic Business Office has been using Footprints since Nov. 9, 2015.  Use of the system creates “tickets” that are maintained in a centrally accessible system. This system allows multiple business office staff to access all customer-business office correspondence regarding a request. The use of this service allows for more seamless service from the business office during unplanned absences and periods of peak workload. From this location, any Business Office staff member will be able to complete customer requests during staff absences.  We are expanding our use of footprints to include biweekly payroll.  See below for a reminder of current footprint processes and proposed footprint processes. Thank you!


With implementation of this system, please do not direct any email associated with credit card receipts, procurement, payroll or travel to an individual. Please use the emails shown in this message.

Procurement (

Our preferred method for most procurement transactions is use of the electronic Ariba system (see your business manager for access).  Customers already using Ariba should continue that process.  We will use footprints for the following purchasing requests:

Invoice payment
Packing slip processing
Returns processing
Assistance with ARIBA
Other Direct Payments (non-personal)
Credit Card Checkout requests


To request assistance, send an email to Please include the following information, when possible:

Purpose for purchase/service
Description of purchase/service
Funding source/account number
Estimated amount
If Purchasing Request Form (Form 12) is used, attach to email.  The form contains all the above information.
If other forms have been completed/started, please attach to email, when applicable
Attach invoices, packing slips, etc.
If requesting to check out a credit card, we will notify you when the request has been approved by the business office and the card is ready for pickup. If the card is needed immediately, you can still bring it directly to the business office.



Employment/Payroll (

Student employment forms, and requests for temporary employees, should be sent to (These forms are attached) All other requests for appointment of new employees should follow current appointment processes.  Please make sure that the student employment form is completed with the following information:

Position description

Start date
Contact information
Funding source/account number

Timecards may be sent to for processing.  Employee and supervisor signature MUST be on the timecard.  We are required to have an original signature for our permanent files, therefore, the original must be turned in to the business within a week of the timecard due date. 



Travel (

***NOTE*** this is not replacing Concur.  Please continue to submit trip requests and expense reports through the concur system. 

Please use the KNOY-travel email if you have specific questions that your department support staff cannot answer.  We can help with these more complex questions.  Email your request to

Email Request should include:

Name of travel request or expense report (if asking for assistance for specific travel)

Description/detail of request – What are your questions?
Date information is needed by

Travelers should consult with their departmental business manager prior to travel if assistance is needed to identify account information, specific travel requirements based on funding source or department leadership. Travelers should consult with the appropriate department staff for assistance with preparing the trip request or expense report. 



Credit Card receipts (KNOY-creditcards

Original receipts are no longer needed, this is a significant change in our credit card process that should streamline the process for all involved.  Effective immediately for individuals who have responsibility for named or department credit cards, we no longer need original receipts.  The backup documentation and receipts can be scanned and sent through Footprints for reconciliation.  Note, this change does not apply to checkout credit cards.  Hard copy receipts will need to be returned to the business office when the card is returned. 

We ask that you maintain the originals for 90 days, before discarding.  The recommended best practice is to still use the internal Purchasing Request form (Form 12) to obtain department approvals and the required accounting and vendor information.  When sending credit card receipts to, please include the purchase request form or the following:

Purpose for credit card purchase –what is the item going to be used for?

Description/detail of the item purchased
Date of purchase and last four digits of the card that was used
Funding source/account number
Amount per item and total amount
Documentation of internal approval

Thank you for your assistance with implementing these changes. Other areas have instituted similar processes and have been able to streamline and improve customer service.  We hope to do the same for the Polytechnic!


~ Angie 
















  • Biweekly Time Cards (signed) are due by noon on the last Friday of the pay period. 







The Business Office is now using Footprints for Procurement and Travel. 



Customers already entering orders in ARIBA should continue that process.  Otherwise, we will process the following purchasing requests:

  • Invoice payment
  • Packing slip processing
  • Returns processing
  • Assistance with ARIBA
  • Other Direct Payments (non-personal)




Travelers should consult with their departmental business manager prior to travel. The departmental business office can provide funding source account information, specific travel requirements based on funding source or department leadership and other department specific information concerning travel.

The Business Office can assist with travel request and expense report questions.  Email your request to or



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