Travel Forms and Instructions

Travel Help and Inquiries:


General Travel Resources:


Current Countries with Travel Warnings

Domestic Per Diem Rates

Foreign Per Diem Rates

Student Field Trip or Travel/Student Insurance  (include list of names/trip information or a ‘Field trip form’ when submitting to the Business Office)


Employee Travel/Concur:

Concur Travel Information

Concur Travel FAQ’s

Travel Training/Resources Website (Log in using: onepurdue\career account and password)

Concur Travel Card Information

Visa Travel Card Training/Agreement

TLI Travel Purpose Statement (for TLI Faculty/Staff only)

SATS reservation form

Non-Employee Travel:

Students & Consultants:

Payee Certification & Instructions

Consultant Payments (nonemployee payments)

Prospective Employees:

Prospective Employee Reimbursement

Prospective Employee Form 17C


Use of Vehicles on University Business:

University Transportation Information

Transportation Form 1

Use of Vehicles on University Business

Graduate and Undergraduate Driver Authorization Form (RM01D)


Concur Help Sheets:

General Concur Help Sheets:

Add an Expense/Request Delegate

Delete an Expense/Request Delegate

Using your Concur App- Setting your PIN

Verify your email Address

Concur Expense Report Help Sheets:

Allocate an Expense Report

Attach a request to an Expense Report

Combine multiple trips into one Expense Report (Blanket travel only)

Find and View Expense Reports (Same process to Find and View Trip Requests, but under the 'Trip Requests' tab)

Recall an Expense Report

Typical Expense Report Steps in Short Summary

Update Report Name in an Expense Report

View Expense Report Allocation Totals by Account

Expense Report Details Tab- Report Header

Expense Report Details Tab- Comments

Expense Report Details Tab- Allocations

Expense Report Details Tab- New Itinerary

Expense Report Details Tab- Available Itineraries

Expense Report Details Tab- Expenses & Adjustments