Instructors and Collaborators

Courses are co-taught with faculty across colleges with expertise in design, anthropology, business development, entrepreneurship and prototyping. In this type of coursework, you co-learn with a variety of students across different majors. This brings the diversity of thought and capabilities to the innovation experience and prepares students for the future of work.


Sherylyn Briller, Anthropology


Todd Kelley, Technology Leadership & Innovation


TJ Kim, Rueff School of Design, Art, and Performance


Douglas Pruim, Management


Greg Strimel, Technology Leadership & Innovation


Tim Peoples, Management

Our Teaching Philosophy

We strive to synergize the key strengths of different colleges to create an authentically transdisciplinary model for a transformative undergraduate experience that is focused on the pursuit of innovation.

As Purdue rises in the ranks for innovation, we want to be sure that the university is also recognized for teaching innovation in a manner that provides an accessible pathway for every student to be innovative in their own way. By carrying out this work, we aim to:

  • Democratize the practice of innovation across campus boundaries. 
  • Provide authenticity to learning through interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Bring diversity of thought and capabilities to the practice of innovation.
  • Prepare the next generation of innovators through co-teaching, co-learning and blended team projects.
  • Afford the space for students to explore innovation and learn within the context of their own passions as they explore themselves through their campus experience.