A very limited number of graduate research and teaching assistantships are competitively selected in the School of Aviation and Transportation Technology each year. Additional assistantships may be available within the Purdue Polytechnic Institute and other colleges at the University. Graduate assistantships are for either one-quarter or one-half time, depending on available funding and duty assignments.

Graduate Teaching Assistant - Assist a professor in the planning and delivery of instruction in an undergraduate course. Teaching assistant positions are periodically available. Be sure to check the University oral English requirements for GTAs at the Oral English Proficiency Program webpage.

Graduate Research Assistant - Assist a professor with an applied research project. Typically, these projects are funded either internally or with external grants or contracts.

Additional Opportunities

The Purdue Graduate School has additional information regarding funding fellowships, grants, external scholarships, and loans and financial aid.  

For many Purdue fellowships, grants, financial aid, and scholarships, be sure to check the deadlines and apply early.