MS in Aviation and Aerospace Management

MS in Aviation and Aerospace Management

Economic forecasts suggest that a steady increase in traveling passenger and air cargo requirements will fuel a dramatic expansion of the aviation industry, and require a complete restructure of the existing air transportation system architecture. This industry growth is generating a wide range of leadership opportunities in the aviation industry for individuals who possess aviation and aerospace management skills such as operational analysis, safety systems development, project management, systems integration, environmental sustainability, and related interdisciplinary skills. Each MS degree is specific to the needs of the student based on his/her background, experience, and degree objectives.

You can choose to take courses in:

  • economic decision making
  • resource analysis
  • systems thinking
  • transportation safety and security
  • quality and productivity
  • aviation human factors
  • aviation globalization.

Purdue’s School of Aviation and Transportation Technology also offers a combined BS-MS degree within this program. Those with a master’s degree can continue on to pursue a Ph.D. in Technology with a focus in aviation and aerospace management as well.

Keri Wright Alumni Profile
My Purdue Technology degree has always been the primary tool in my personal tool box to attack business challenges and decisions daily.
Keri Wright
Professional Flight '04, Aviation and Aerospace Management '06