Graduate Courses

Please refer to the Purdue Course Schedule for a current listing of Polytechnic Institute (former College of Technology) graduate course listings.

AT 50500  Research Methods in Aviation - This course explores the practical approach to research as it applies to identifying and exploring pragmatic problems in aviation industry settings. Industry based problems and issues often require a diversity of research skills, both quantitative and qualitative, in order to effectively address dynamic problems in complex and often high-risk work environments. This course offers an overview of mixed research methods which lends itself well to practical problem solving in industry. This course may also be offered in an online format. Permission of instructor required. Typically offered Fall Spring Summer. 3.000 Credit hours

AT 50800  Quality & Productivity in Industry & Technology - Examines the contemporary issues of continuous improvement in quality and productivity in manufacturing and service industries. Includes a close examination of the evolving philosophies bearing on the scope, improvement, and costs of quality assurance programs in industry and technology. Typically offered Summer Fall Spring. 3.000 Credit hours  

AT 52500  Process Improvement & Simulation - This course explores process modeling and simulation as applied to decision-making for process design and improvement. Emphasis is placed on understanding the application of process simulations to business problems including using fundamental statistical methods in the solution of an industry relevant problem. By planning and executing a computer-based simulation supporting an aviation or aerospace process design and improvement project, students improve analysis and project management skills. In addition to simulation, preparing visualizations of the process is also included for increased understanding of process interactions. Typically offered Fall Spring Summer. 3 Credit hours

AT 52600  Aviation Leadership - This course is intended for future aviation and aerospace managers. Using foundational readings, case studies, and critical analysis techniques, the contribution of past and contemporary aviation leaders will be reviewed. Permission of department required. Typically offered Fall Spring Summer. 3 Credit hours

AT 53100  International Civil Aviation Regulatory Systems - This course provides extensive multi-modal transportation security experience. Students will receive detailed information on air, maritime, rail, mass transit, trucking and oil pipeline security programs, as well as applicable threat mitigation processes. Completion of an undergraduate course in either aviation law or aviation security is recommended. This course may be applicable to undergraduates with appropriate experience and background in aviation or other transportation systems. There are no citizenship or security clearance requirements for this course. Typically offered Fall. 3 Credit hours, CRN 13180

AT 54200  Aviation Fuels and Emissions - This course focuses on aviation fuels, including engine operation with fuel, combustion principles, chemistry, exhaust emissions, and fuel testing procedures. Additionally, the topics of greenhouse gases, global warming, oil reserves, fuel costs, and other factors driving the development of alternative aviation fuels will be covered. Current research in these areas will be discussed and testing procedures will be studied. Students will research new fuels in development, and will analyze the sustainability and potential for success promised by the new technologies in comparison with existing fuels. Typically offered Fall Spring Summer. 3 Credit hours