There are a limited number of teaching assistantships and graduate fellowships available each year to qualified candidates.

The School of Construction Management Technology (SCMT) has a limited number of graduate teaching assistantships each year.  The graduate teaching assistantships provide a unique opportunity for graduate students to gain teaching experience and to work with faculty members in classrooms and laboratories related to their area of specialization. 

• To apply for the BCM graduate teaching assistantships, contact Dr. Bryan Hubbard, the head of Construction Management Technology at .  After receiving notification of acceptance as a BCM graduate student, attach a resume to your e-mail describing your construction and teaching experience.  Also, indicate which BCM undergraduate courses you are most qualified to assist.  You can view the list of BCM undergraduate courses at  . 
• Note that decisions about graduate assistantships are not made until late May or June.

The Purdue Polytechnic Institute has fellowships available on a competitive basis to highly qualified masters and doctoral students. Depending on the specific award, these fellowships may or may not require a specific work assignment.  Go here to learn more about these opportunities.

The Purdue Graduate School provides a comprehensive list of resources to facilitate your search for funding.  Go to  to learn more.  These resources fall within three categories.
• Grants, fellowships, and scholarships
• Employment – assistantships and hourly
• Loans – contact both
                            The Purdue Division of Financial Aid (DFA) at
                            The U.S. Department of Education at