The School of Construction Management Technology (SCMT) has a limited number of graduate teaching assistantships each year.  The graduate teaching assistantships provide a unique opportunity for graduate students to gain teaching experience and to work with faculty members in classrooms and laboratories related to their area of specialization. 

• Please note that we expect all of our graduate applicants who are accepted to our program be able to fund their own education, as we can’t promise any graduate teaching or research positions to any applicant.  When you are filling out your Graduate Application make sure you put on the last page if you are interested in a Teaching or Research Assistantship and how it will benefit both you and Construction Managements Graduate Program.   The link below is a list of our CM undergraduate courses, take a look at it and also let us know what courses on that list you would be most qualified to assist.

The Purdue Polytechnic Institute has fellowships available on a competitive basis to highly qualified masters and doctoral students. Depending on the specific award, these fellowships may or may not require a specific work assignment. Go here to learn more about these opportunities.

The Purdue Graduate School provides a comprehensive list of resources to facilitate your search for funding.  Go to  to learn more.  These resources fall within three categories.
• Grants, fellowships, and scholarships
• Employment – assistantships and hourly
• Loans – contact both
                            The Purdue Division of Financial Aid (DFA) at
                            The U.S. Department of Education at