Graduate Courses

Please refer to the Purdue Course Schedule for a current listing of Polytechnic Institute (former College of Technology) graduate course listings.

CM 51000  Topics in Environmentally Sustainable Construction, Design and Development - This course explores environmental sustainability in all its forms, starting with the historical and theoretical basis and continuing through an understanding of sustainable building construction, design, development, and renewable energy strategies/management tools and how these can be applied in practice. Typically offered Fall Spring Summer. 3 credit hours, CRN 15553

CM 52500  Managing Construction Quality - Advanced techniques for assessing the success of construction project management including schedule cost, safety and quality measurements. Impacts of pre planning, human factors, and communication systems on quality and productivity. Statistical methods for analysis of construction operations. Typically offered Fall. 3 credit hours, CRN 15075

CM 53500  Construction Accounting and Financial Management - Accounting techniques, financial methods, and financial management for construction firm management. Analysis techniques for contemporary construction company accounting and finance practice with an emphasis on cash flow analysis and cash management. Typically offered Fall. 3 credit hours, 15090

CM 58100 Optimization Methods - A study of basic methods to find optimal solutions for real world problems. This course will provide graduate students analytical and mathematical tools for providing best solutions in terms of problem formulation, optimal decision-making, and maximizing benefits/effectiveness and minimizing costs. 3 credit hours.

CM 58100 Simulation and Model Construction Operations - This course provides an overview of quantitative and qualitative methods used for the design and analysis of construction operations to maximize productivity and resource utilization through discrete event simulation. The course includes several professional techniques that help to build robust models as Regression, Fuzzy, Artificial Neural Network, and Analytical Hierarchy Process. 3 credit hours.

CM 58100 Construction Information Management - The course will focus on the methods used in building construction process for coordination and clash prevention, 4D scheduling, BIM in field management, and technologies for information sharing, collaboration and communication. The students will gain hands-on experience with Navisworks and Solibri and they will be introduced to Autodesk BIM 360 Field and Glue. Basic knowledge of Autodesk Revit is required. 3 credit hours.

CM 58100 Construction Management - Comprehensive, fast-paced study of professional skills and knowledge essential to the practice of project management in the U.S. construction industry. Develop familiarity or working knowledge of many common construction project terms and processes. Especially useful for graduate students advancing their careers from design and other non-construction studies or careers to the study and practice of construction project management. 3 credit hours.