Graduate Courses

Please refer to the Purdue Course Schedule for a current listing of Polytechnic Institute (former College of Technology) graduate course listings.

BCM 51000  Topics in Environmentally Sustainable Construction, Design and Development - This course explores environmental sustainability in all its forms, starting with the historical and theoretical basis and continuing through an understanding of sustainable building construction, design, development, and renewable energy strategies/management tools and how these can be applied in practice. Typically offered Fall Spring Summer. 3 Credit hours, CRN 15553

BCM 52500  Managing Construction Quality - Advanced techniques for assessing the success of construction project management including schedule cost, safety and quality measurements. Impacts of pre planning, human factors, and communication systems on quality and productivity. Statistical methods for analysis of construction operations. Typically offered Fall. 3 Credit hours, CRN 15075

BCM 53500  Construction Accounting and Financial Management - Accounting techniques, financial methods, and financial management for construction firm management. Analysis techniques for contemporary construction company accounting and finance practice with an emphasis on cash flow analysis and cash management. Typically offered Fall. 3 Credit hours, 15090

BCM 56000  Academic Writing Seminar I

BCM 56500  Academic Writing Seminar II

BCM 58100 Workshop in BCM

Simulation and Model Construction Operations
Research Seminar