CODO (Change of Degree Objective)

Changing your major requires an official Change of Degree Objective with the Office of the Registrar. This is initiated by the student’s current academic advisor. Each program has specific CODO requirements. We encourage students to meet with one of the Aviation Advisors to learn more about the CODO requirements for their specific programs. Feel free to email to contact one of them.

Requirements for CODO

  • Minimum Semesters: 1
  • Minimum Credits: 12
  • Minimum GPA: 3.0
  • Student must be in good standing.
  • CODO request must be submitted by student’s current academic advisor.
  • Students must complete the Professional Flight CODO Application.


All materials related to the Professional Flight CODO request are due to by 5:00pm the Thursday of finals week.

Details & Deadlines

  • CODO applications are reviewed at the conclusion of the FALL and SPRING semesters only.
  • Students are admitted on a SPACE AVAILABLE BASIS ONLY after a holistic review.
  • Students who are admitted as a CODO to Professional Flight are only able to complete flight and simulator courses during the summer. Before accepting a CODO offer, students MUST commit to remaining on campus to fly every summer.
  • Students must have completed no more than four semesters at Purdue University to be eligible to submit a CODO request for Professional Flight.
  • For consideration, all three items must be submitted BY 5:00pm the Thursday of finals week. Late submissions will not be reviewed.

    • CODO request (submitted by current advisor)
    • Professional Flight CODO Cover Sheet
    • Essay