Industry Partners Program

The Industry Partners Program is committed to connecting Purdue University’s groundbreaking research and world-class students with industry partners.

Our mission is simple: to create active and sustainable partnerships with industry leaders to ensure the department and our partners stay aligned with trends in the industry, curriculum, and research.

Member Benefits:

  • Exclusive invitation to hold a company Day on Campus
  • Early access to graduating students, undergraduate and graduate
  • Preferred invitations to participate in student events, sponsorships, etc.
  • Invitations to be a guest speaker in classes and at department and University events
  • Access to publications by students and faculty
  • Access to our dedicated Industry Partner Program director who will guide you through the program, work to gather your feedback throughout the year, and help you organize your on-campus events; and much more
  • More benefits to be added based on partner needs and feedback

Contact us today to discuss unique benefits to partnering with Computer and Information Technology in our inaugural year.

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