Course 2: Product Data and Configuration Management in PLM Environments

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Course 2 Description:

The goal of this course is for students to understand the methodologies and application of change management and relational 3D CAD product design within the confines of a Product Data Management (PDM) system in PLM environments. This course extends the concepts of the of virtual product design to a concurrent engineering environment and incorporating PDM databases in the lifecycle of products. The course will emphasize PLM as a strategic business initiative and will introduce students to the importance of the appropriate application of a PDM tool  in a PLM environment.

Course 2 Objectives:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of PLM concepts, particularly product data management, change management, workflows and configurations
  • Demonstrate literacy in the application of a PDM tool to support product development processes.

Course 2 Topics Include:

  • Product Data Management
  • Database Management
  • Requirements
  • Security
  • CM2 Change Process
  • Product Structure Management
  • Numbering and Renumbering
  • Introduction to Workflows
  • PDM System Components
  • CM/PDM/PLM Connection

The next Course 2 starts soon. Click here to register!