Reasons to Give

Make Education Attainable

The cost of earning a college degree is rising. For undergraduate students showing financial need, the typical financial aid package covers only a portion of tuition and fees. Most students rely heavily on loans to pay for their education. Purdue also must compete fiercely for the nation's most talented graduate and professional students, who receive offers of generous aid packages, including full tuition and other enticing benefits.

Attract World-Class Faculty

Our commitment to recruiting and retaining the very best faculty in all fields ensures that Purdue can continue its legacy of useful discoveries and life-changing teaching.

Provide Facilities that Foster Learning and Discovery

What you learn can change your life. But where you learn it can make all the difference in how far you can take those lessons. At Purdue, we're constantly evolving our facilities to give our faculty and students the very best resources for pursuing knowledge and putting it to work in our world.

Stimulate Economic Development

As a land-grant institution, Purdue has an important responsibility to the people and the state of Indiana. Funding for University initiatives that will strengthen the state's economy, provide jobs, and improve the quality of life will ensure that Purdue remains a vital resource to Indiana.

Expand the Boundaries of Human Knowledge

As a great research institution, Purdue plays a vital role in the discoveries that revolutionize our lives and drive the development of new products, services, knowledge, and needs. Purdue needs to take the lead in readying students, the state of Indiana, and society for an ever-changing world.