Keri Wright Technology Tuesday lecture on aviation

Tuesday, October 15, 2013 - 3:30pm

Tuesday, October 15, 2013 - 3:30pm

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Fowler Hall, Stewart Center

#TheJetRoute: Influencing Positive Changes to Inspire Future Generations

Keri Wright (AT '04, MS '06)
President and CEO, Universal Asset Management


Keri Wright's biography

When Keri Wright was 15 she realized that she didn’t have to live a traditional northern Illinois lifestyle. She fell in love with the idea that she could do anything she wanted to do, and do anything she did.

She flew solo in an airplane before she could legally drive a car. At 18, she had begun her climb into leadership as a flight instructor, mostly teaching students from Purdue how to fly. At 23, she became the vice president of Universal Asset Management, and at 25, she was promoted to chief operating officer.

Wright’s impact at Purdue is still felt, seven years after she earned her master’s degree. While a student, she was selected as co-pilot for the University jet and she chaired the 2005 national Air Race Classic, which was hosted by Purdue.

Just as she was becoming eligible to rent a car, Wright was running a multimillion dollar company, overseeing capital asset management, business development and strategic planning. In her six years as COO, she has grown the company from 44 employees to over 120 globally; expanded the company to global offices on six continents; and transformed warehouse and UAM aircraft facilities to handle more than five times original capacity; and implemented new technologies in every division and role throughout the company.

Wright became president, CEO and owner of UAM Oct. 7, 2013.

Wright still enjoys the skies by flying herself to meetings in one of the three company aircraft and maintains her involvement in air racing through her role as vice president on the board of directors for the national Air Race Classic.

Wright credits her success to her Purdue education and opportunities as well as her willingness to get her hands dirty and learn from every person along the way.