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​Daniel Castro-Lacouture
Daniel Castro-Lacouture, a professor and administrator at Georgia Institute of Technology, will be the new dean of the Purdue Polytechnic Institute, effective June 1.
Published: January 14, 2022
Purdue Polytechnic's Future Work and Learning research impact area
Since 2018, Purdue Polytechnic faculty have been collaborating to explore the intersection between learning and work within the context of technology. Through new approaches to education and...
Published: January 07, 2022
Daniel Leon-Salas
A delegation from the Universidad Nacional de San Agustín (UNSA) in Arequipa, Peru, visited Purdue University’s West Lafayette campus in October to prepare for the third phase of a...
Published: January 04, 2022
Purdue Polytechnic Research
Funded research awards for November 2021.
Published: December 31, 2021
Fay Barber-Dansby
A STEM enrichment program offered through a partnership between Purdue Polytechnic Anderson and the Sistas of Royalty, a mentoring program, is building interest in attending college amongst sixth...
Published: December 08, 2021
Conexus Indiana
Purdue Polytechnic Anderson’s Austin Bronnenberg, Andrew Oakley, Keegan Stewart and Jackson Vieth were among winners in the sixth annual Conexus Indiana National Collegiate Case Competition,...
Published: December 06, 2021
David Gonzalez Rodriguez
Soft actuators, components in mechanical devices that enable movement, are inspired by biological systems but can’t yet replicate the complexity of the human body. Purdue Polytechnic’s...
Published: December 02, 2021
Purdue Polytechnic Research
Funded research awards for October 2021.
Published: November 30, 2021
John H. Mott
John H. Mott, associate professor of aviation and transportation technology, has been named the new head of Purdue University’s School of Aviation and Transportation Technology.
Published: November 22, 2021
iBASEt and IN-MaC
iBASEt, a software company that provides manufacturing operations management solutions for simplifying how complex products are built and maintained, announced a partnership with Purdue’s...
Published: November 17, 2021
Vetria Byrd
Purdue Polytechnic’s Vetria Byrd and a multidisciplinary research team received a five-year $15 million grant from the National Science Foundation to establish I-GUIDE, a new institute...
Published: November 10, 2021
Qilei Zhang
Qilei Zhang, graduate research assistant in Purdue Polytechnic’s School of Aviation and Transportation Technology, is developing a data-driven approach to accurately quantify operations...
Published: November 09, 2021
Carrie Berger
Carrie Berger, Purdue Polytechnic’s interim dean, executive associate dean for research and strategic initiatives, and a clinical professor, has received the 2021 Leadership in Action Award...
Published: November 08, 2021
Purdue Polytechnic's new faculty & staff for 2021-22
Purdue Polytechnic welcomed more than two dozen new faculty and staff members for the 2021-22 academic year who have diverse backgrounds and a wide variety of research interests. Here’s part...
Published: November 02, 2021
Purdue Polytechnic Research
Funded research awards for September 2021.
Published: October 29, 2021
Sharita Ware
Sharita Ware, a graduate of Purdue’s engineering-teacher technology education post-baccalaureate Transition to Teaching program, received the 2022 Indiana Teacher of the Year Award.
Published: October 27, 2021
Kathryn Seigfried-Spellar and Rua Mae Williams
Purdue Polytechnic’s Kathryn Seigfried-Spellar and Rua Mae Williams were among 12 faculty and staff members named as Purdue’s first Societal Impact Fellows.
Published: October 21, 2021
Umit Karabiyik
Umit Karabiyik, assistant professor of computer and information technology, is researching ways for people to limit the data they share with law enforcement. His research could help preserve...
Published: October 15, 2021
Adam Dunham, a master's student and flight instructor, flies in one of the School of Aviation and Transportation Technology's flight simulators.
Three large flight simulators in Purdue Polytechnic’s School of Aviation and Transportation Technology could help the aviation industry address its critical shortage of pilots.
Published: October 15, 2021
Nathalie Duval-Couetil
Nathalie Duval-Couetil has been named Purdue Polytechnic’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fellow and will serve as a resource to the college’s faculty and students interested in...
Published: October 14, 2021