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Nishant Jain and Thibault Corens, graduates of Purdue Polytechnic’s School of Engineering Technology, are offering Presso, a vending machine-like device for dry cleaning garments, to...
Published: July 09, 2020
Maura Gibbons and Jared King, students in Purdue Polytechnic’s construction management technology program, served as construction and customer service advocates for the Meredith Hall South...
Published: July 09, 2020
Three teams from the Purdue Polytechnic Institute won first place in three airport challenges at the Transportation Research Board’s annual University Design Competition for Addressing...
Published: July 02, 2020
The first students who participated in Purdue Polytechnic’s advanced global technology minor praised the program for how it opened their eyes to international cultures.
Published: July 02, 2020
Funded research awards for May 2020. Bolded names are Purdue Polytechnic faculty or staff; starred names are the principal investigators.
Published: June 30, 2020
Nadeem Ali went on three internships while earning his mechanical engineering technology degree. Internships help “diversify your experience outside of your book-smarts” and make...
Published: June 19, 2020
Nathan Kanter, a student double-majoring in data visualization and web programming and design, was awarded top abstract at a Purdue conference for his research into the connection between...
Published: June 08, 2020
Purdue’s Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence has selected a project by Dominic Kao, Dawn Laux and Ida Ngambeki for the 2020 Research Project Grant for Assistant Professors...
Published: June 08, 2020
Purdue Polytechnic’s School of Aviation and Transportation Technology collaborated with aircraft manufacturer Pipistrel and the Federal Aviation Administration to convert a glider aircraft...
Published: June 05, 2020
Richard Voyles has been named the Daniel C. Lewis Professor in Purdue Polytechnic.
Published: June 05, 2020
Funded research awards for April 2020.
Published: May 29, 2020
Purdue Polytechnic students are researching collegiate pilots’ lifestyle habits, foundational game theory and Lyme disease instances in cities.
Published: May 18, 2020
Greg Strimel, assistant professor of engineering/technology teacher education, was recognized by Purdue Student Life as Advisor of the Year for his work with TEECA (Technology Engineering Education...
Published: May 12, 2020
Volunteers are needed to cut and sew isolation gowns made of Tyvek, a synthetic, waterproof material, for healthcare workers and first responders.
Published: May 12, 2020
Hayley Grisez, a rising sophomore studying engineering/technology teacher education (ETTE), was honored with Purdue Student Life’s Emerging Leader award.
Published: May 05, 2020
Funded research awards for March 2020.
Published: April 30, 2020
Mark Zimpfer, assistant professor of practice in Purdue Polytechnic’s School of Construction Management Technology, helped his students adapt to remote learning by incorporating detailed...
Published: April 29, 2020
The Indiana Manufacturing Competitiveness Center (IN-MaC) and Honda Manufacturing of Indiana (HMIN) have partnered to create the HMIN Drives Dreams Pathway (HDDP) IN-MaC Design and Innovation...
Published: April 28, 2020
Today’s victory gardens are getting a high-tech makeover with a home appliance created by two Purdue Polytechnic graduates.
Published: April 27, 2020
Engineering technology and construction management technology students worked together to win second place in the Elementary School category at the Solar Decathlon Design Challenge.
Published: April 23, 2020