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Techies Today, the Purdue Polytechnic PodcastWondering what the tech is happening?

Techies Today, the Purdue Polytechnic Podcast, features conversations with Polytechnic faculty, staff and students, plus alumni and friends of the college. Topics include:

  • Profiles of faculty, staff and alumni
  • Engaging research
  • Exciting class happenings
  • Interviews with students
  • Interesting on-campus experiences
  • And any topics that share Purdue Polytechnic’s message and promote our unique role as one of the 10 academic colleges at Purdue University

Techies Today is for everyone — from high school students to leaders in industry — with a potential interest in all things Polytechnic: aviation, computing and graphics, construction management, engineering technologies, technology education and technology management.

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Behind the scenes in our podcast studio

Behind the scenes in our podcast studio

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Episode Guide

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Abby Perez

Abby Perez is a user experience engineer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. In 2018, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Purdue Polytechnic’s UX Design program with a minor in psychology and a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. This episode of “Techies Today” includes interviews with Abby recorded several years apart.

Kathryn Seigfried-Spellar

Kathryn Seigfried-Spellar, associate professor of computer and information technology, fights crime using cyberforensics, a branch of digital forensic science pertaining to evidence found in computers and digital storage media.

Nadeem Ali

Nadeem Ali went on three internships while earning his mechanical engineering technology degree. Internships help “diversify your experience outside of your book-smarts” and make students especially attractive to future employers, he said.

Rosemary Astheimer

Rosemary Astheimer’s students watch her pre-recorded video lectures before coming to class, allowing for class meetings to be used for active, hands-on learning and problem-solving. Astheimer says the “flipped classroom” method better accommodates different learning styles.

Mark Zimpfer

Mark Zimpfer, assistant professor of practice in Purdue Polytechnic’s School of Construction Management Technology, talks about the "almost limitless opportunities" for students studying construction management technology and about the construction industry-related YouTube channel he is helping to develop.

Jay Akridge

Purdue Provost Jay Akridge spoke with Polytechnic faculty and staff about new investments in faculty and facilities, making Purdue a "Teaching 1" institution, and preparing the University for the expected realities of 2030.

Renee Thomas

Renee Thomas, director of Purdue’s Black Cultural Center, knows that being active in the campus community leads to academic success. With music, performing arts and cultural programs, the Black Cultural Center encourages students to get involved in “edutainment” — education through entertainment.

Lindsay Drake & Carson Deal

Purdue Polytechnic students Lindsay Drake and Carson Deal started their college experience with a two-week Study Abroad trip to Europe even before attending their first on-campus classes.

Jim Tanoos

Purdue Polytechnic Vincennes' Jim Tanoos discusses supply chain management, globalization, and how studying abroad provides students with unique insight into this increasingly global field of study.

Melody Birmingham-Byrd

Melody Birmingham-Byrd studied organizational leadership and has been a supervisor throughout her career, including more than seven years with Duke Energy. She reveals the inspiration for her career in management and shares advice about how to succeed in business in every phase of your career.

Gozdem Kilaz

Purdue Polytechnic's Gozdem Kilaz, assistant professor of engineering technology, has focused her research on developing alternative liquid fuels for transportation — specifically, aviation biofuels. She discusses her work on a project to convert plastic waste into jet fuel. Gozdem also has big news to share about an upcoming project. (This episode was updated to correct a minor error in the introduction.)

Mitch Daniels & Gary Bertoline

Mitch Daniels and Gary Bertoline discuss the $140M Engineering & Polytechnic Gateway Complex, to be built soon on campus.

Mark French

Mark French’s videos, seen by over 6.5 million viewers, help students understand challenging mathematical concepts. We talked with Mark about his channel's origins and production techniques.

Techies Today, the Purdue Polytechnic Podcast

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