Polytechnic doctoral student, military test pilot wins Naval Academy award for faculty support

Lieutenant Commander Jonathon Parry, a Naval test pilot and a remote student in Purdue Polytechnic’s doctorate in technology, recently received the Delores M. Etter Award designed to celebrate the Naval Academy’s “top scientists and engineers of the year.”

Parry was among five individuals recognized for their exceptional support to the faculty at the Office of Naval Research, specifically in their projects related to air-to-air refueling systems. Such innovations would allow jets to refuel without touching down at an air base, instead filling up with fuel containers carried by other airborne crafts.

Parry has received support in his Purdue Polytechnic degree through the Purdue Military Research Institute (PMRI), which provides funding for many graduate-level STEM degrees to active-duty military members. Eric Dietz, both the director of PMRI and a professor/interim head for Purdue Polytechnic’s Department of Computer and Information Technology, noted Parry’s many achievements even beyond the Etter Award and specified the importance of PMRI’s connection to the Naval Academy.

“Between [Parry] and our other current Naval Academy student in PMRI, Andrew Suqi, we have developed a good connection with the Academy,” Dietz said. “We hope that by continuing to foster these sorts of relationships, we can make meaningful progress toward [Purdue President} Mung Chiang’s goal of making Purdue the premier university for defense support in the U.S.”

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