AMET student teams work on Rube Goldberg and other projects

2016 AMET Rube Goldberg team

Members of Purdue's Association of Mechanical and Electrical Technologists (AMET) are working on a machine which automates the application of an adhesive bandage in 20 or more steps. They're designing unnecessary complexity into a mechanical process for completing a usually simple task to compete in the 2017 Rube Goldberg Machine Contest, to be held February 18 at the Purdue Armory.

AMET balloon is Best Design in competition

Purdue University's entry into the 2014 Global Space Balloon Challenge (GSBC) won first place in the best design contest. The annual event is an international education outreach project to encourage people from around the world to build and launch their own high-altitude balloons.

The Purdue team, composed of members of the Association of Mechanical and Electrical Technologists (AMET), built a zero-pressure balloon for the competition.

Balloon launch creates buzz, provides experience

The latest high-altitude balloon launch by the Association of Mechanical and Electrical Technologists (AMET) placed them in the news again. The balloon traveled more than 300 miles to near Cleveland, Ohio. After several phone calls to residents in the area, the balloon was located. It arrived back at Purdue five days later, where it was opened in front of local media.

Here are the stories they posted about the launch: