Purdue-developed IronHacks platform uses government data to test skills of future coders, analysts

Talented data analysts went head-to-head last fall during Purdue’s IronHacks competition to predict unemployment claims across Indiana. Competitors used data provided by Purdue Polytechnic’s Department of Technology Leadership and Innovation alongside state government data. The winners’ predictive models displayed stunning accuracy.

Purdue student research team competing in Amazon’s Alexa Prize TaskBot Challenge

Purdue Polytechnic graduate research assistants Rey (Alex) Gonzalez, Yifei Hu and Damin Zhang are members of a student research team competing in Amazon’s international Alexa Prize TaskBot Challenge, developing multimodal (voice and vision) conversational agents that assist customers in completing tasks requiring multiple steps and decisions. Julia Rayz, professor of computer and information technology, is their advisor.

Brunswicker’s IronHacks Data Science Challenge predicted social crowding before it occurred

Data science enthusiasts who participated in the IronHack COVID-19 Data Science "Protect Purdue" Challenge last winter successfully predicted anonymous foot traffic during the pandemic across local places of interest. The data science models and reports they produced could help health officials in the future.