CIT faculty aim to make big data a small issue for law enforcement

Law enforcement agencies have been relying on forensics tools not well suited to today’s digital world. To provide a modern, cost-effective solution, a research team led by Kathryn Seigfried-Spellar, assistant professor of computer and information technology, is building File Toolkit for Selective Analysis & Reconstruction (File TSAR) for Large Scale Computer Networks.

Purdue CIT '15 graduate helped stop international cyberattack

Darien Huss, a 2015 graduate of Purdue Polytechnic’s computer and information technology program, helped stop a worldwide cyberattack Friday (May 12).

The ransomware attack, dubbed “WannaCry” by security researchers, affected hundreds of thousands of Microsoft Windows-based computers in 150 countries by exploiting a flaw in the operating system.

Improved technology aids criminals in brazen cyber attacks

Computer viruses and malware are obsolete scams for the latest wave of increasingly aggressive computer criminals, says a top cyber forensics expert at Purdue University.

Marcus Rogers, director of Purdue's Cyber Forensics Lab, said past reports of cyber attacks - allegedly by foreign nations - have opened the floodgates for computer criminals to launch their own illegal efforts.