German executive, industry pioneer seeks Purdue Polytechnic recruits for dual master’s degree abroad

Through a collaborative agreement between Purdue and Germany’s Reutlingen University, students can earn two master’s degrees simultaneously: a master of science in engineering technology from Purdue and a master of science in digital industrial management and engineering from Reutlingen.

Amy Van Epps

Her interests read like road signs at the intersection of humanities and technology: engineering, music, education, writing, ethics, culture. Yet two months before graduating from college, Amy Van Epps realized she didn’t know what she wanted to be when she grew up.

Expecting to pursue a mechanical engineering career, Amy had majored in engineering science. She also loved singing locally and her part-time library job. Each part of her student life fueled a different passion.

Davin Huston

Home, work, and play? It’s all the same to Davin Huston.

“I don’t have boundaries like that. I consider everything to just be my life,” Davin says. Whether you’re a student, a business associate, a colleague, or a friend to hang out with, Davin endeavors to interact with people the same way. “One influences the other. It’s easier that way for people to just be themselves.”

Colin Gray

Colin GrayColin Gray’s favorite academic experiences were the ones which took place in a studio environment — a space designed for project-oriented, hands-on learning. It helped foster both Colin’s scientific curiosity and a desire to change the world through design and creativity.

Michael Thomas Smith

Michael Thomas Smith is a reader, writer, playwright, novelist, musician, researcher, teacher, pinball player, and impromptu traveler who drinks both coffee and tea every morning and has a fondness for petrichor.