Guitar made from Mackey floor, crafted by Polytechnic student, auctioned for nearly $11K at Purdue vs. IU

Gryphon Mawhorter from Purdue Polytechnic's guitar lab returns with his latest creation: a guitar made of the old basketball court from Mackey Arena. An auction for the item will begin at the Purdue vs. IU men's basketball game, and will support the guitar lab's continued success.

Guitar lab student forges his own path with Polytechnic curriculum

Purdue Polytechnic's "guitar lab" remains one of Purdue's most popular courses. Gryphon Mawhorter’s lifelong passion for building guitars caught the attention of Mark French, who teaches the course. French appointed Mawhorter, a junior in audio engineering technology, to lab supervisor — and Mawhorter is now charting his own unique path in the Polytechnic.

How a guitar-building class can teach lessons in manufacturing, STEM and self-worth

February 11 is National Get Out Your Guitar Day. If you’re a Purdue student who doesn’t own a guitar, don’t fret! Purdue Polytechnic’s Mark French teaches a course in which you get to build one. He also leads a national program that teaches teachers how to lead guitar-building courses at their own schools.