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Agustin Yado

Two Purdue summer programs during high school pointed an engineering technology alumnus toward a career path working on a variety of products, from automotive and aircraft parts to medical devices.

“After I took a couple of science programs at Purdue and was introduced to the engineering technology program, I knew it was where I wanted to be,” said Agustin “Tino” Yado (BS ’97, EET). “I had other options, but that experience on campus made the difference.”

Creative problem solving: Research Update

Creative problem solving has always been a raison d’être for the Polytechnic. Polytechnic students and their instructors thrive on devising better ways to accomplish tasks and improve people’s lives. So when Purdue University’s “150 Years of Giant Leaps” campaign invited colleges to submit their brightest ideas in four categories of accomplishments, the Polytechnic rose to the occasion, with two patents from professors.

Message from the dean

In January, we unveiled a new video for the college titled “Technology Legends and Polytechnic Leaders.” In just 90 seconds, it tells our story and sets the stage for the great things to come. One line in the script is particularly powerful to me: “Relentlessly building the future. It’s our unique role at Purdue University.”

Transformation Continues

Today’s students in the Purdue Polytechnic Institute are experiencing more: more input from industry advisors and partners, more project-based learning, more opportunities for global and cultural activities, and more connections across courses required for their majors. And more transformation is on the way.