Tech Expo

Techies Today Episode 017: Mike Reckowsky & Tech Expo, a Showcase of Student Solutions

Mike Reckowsky, director of industry relations in Purdue Polytechnic, says companies that sponsor students’ senior capstone projects receive working prototypes that address real-world problems. See students’ unique problem-solving abilities on display during our Tech Expo, and learn why your company should partner with our college.

Polytechnic students to present posters of capstone projects during Tech Expo business-to-business trade show

Student teams in Purdue Polytechnic’s School of Engineering Technology will give poster presentations about their industry-sponsored capstone projects in the Co-Rec on Thursday, April 25, during the 2019 Tech Expo, a business-to-business trade show.

Purdue Polytechnic hosting innovative business-to-business trade show

Purdue Polytechnic is hosting the inaugural Tech Expo, a business-to-business trade show, on Friday, April 27, 2018, on Purdue’s West Lafayette campus. The Tech Expo is an opportunity for staff from businesses and manufacturers to network with their counterparts from other companies. Graduating seniors will also display their capstone projects. The Tech Expo and capstone presentations are open to the public. Admission to the Tech Expo and capstone presentation is free with a Purdue University ID. Without a Purdue ID, admission is $10. All-day parking is $5.