Hall of Fame

The Purdue University Reserve Officer’s Training Corps Hall of Fame includes distinguished graduates from the Army, Navy, and Air Force ROTC Programs. The Hall of Fame was established in 1974 by exemplifying those attributes of leadership, integrity, moral courage, and self discipline which the program develops. The Hall of Fame was expanded in August 1999 to include distinguished alumni of Purdue’s Naval and Air Force ROTC programs. Service to the nation, to the community, and outstanding leadership in the fields of business, government, education, or other professional fields are used as the basis for selection. Members photos are prominently displayed on the Hall of Fame wall on the first floor of the Armory.

Hall of Fame Nomination Guidelines

Naval ROTC Hall of Fame - 2022 Inductees
Captain Wayne Henderson (retired) USMC Class of 1964
Naval ROTC Hall of Fame - 2019 Inductees
Colonel Roy R. Byrd (retired) USMC Class of 1976
Naval ROTC Hall of Fame - 2012 Inductees
Captain James F. McCarthy (Ret) USN Class of 1979
Naval ROTC Hall of Fame - 2009 Inductees
Dr. Robert L. Vertrees, PH.D USMC Class of 1961
Captain Dean R. Larson (Ret) USNR Class of 1965
Naval ROTC Hall of Fame - 2007 Inductees
Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Ronald S. Neubauer USMC Class of 1965
Naval ROTC Hall of Fame - 2006 Inductees
Lieutenant Commander Roger B. Chaffee USN Class of 1957
Captain (Retired) Michael J. McCulley USN Class of 1970
Naval ROTC Hall of Fame - 2005 Inductees
Rear Admiral Carol M. Pottenger USN Class of 1977
Captain (Retired) Robert J. Anderson USN Class of 1949
Captain (Retired) David R. Mead USNR Class of 1952
Captain (Retired) Colleen Nevius USNR Class of 1977
Naval ROTC Hall of Fame - 2004 Inductees
Captain (Retired) Donald E. Williams USN Class of 1964
Captain (Retired) Kenneth A. Lee USN Class of 1965
Captain (Retired) Vivian Turnbull USN Class of 1976
Commander Richard W. Schram USN Class of 1963
Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) James Graham Indiana National Guard Class of 1955
Naval ROTC Hall of Fame - 2003 Inductees
Captain (Retired) Richard L. McCarthy USN Class of 1950
Captain (Retired) Charles L. Robinson USN Class of 1967
Judge Charles W. McCoy USMC Class of 1968
Professor Loren R. Graham USN Class of 1955
Naval ROTC Hall of Fame - 2002 Inductees
Dr. Joseph S. Alford USN Class of 1966
Rear Admiral (Retired) Dr. Melvin H. Chiogioji USN Class of 1961
Dr. Donald A. Roach USN Class of 1952
Naval ROTC Hall of Fame - 2001 Inductees
Gordon Binder USN Class of 1957
Lieutenant Commander (Retired) Michael D. Christian USN Class of 1964
Brigadier General (Retired) Bain McClintock USMC Class of 1950
Orvil D. Scherrer USN Class of 1950
Naval ROTC Hall of Fame - 2000 Inductees
Captain (Retired) Dr. Curtis L. Barrett USN Class of 1958
Captain (Retired) Eugene A. Cernan USN Class of 1956
Vice Admiral (Retired) Michael P. Kalleres USN Class of 1962