CO's Welcome






Welcome to the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) and the Naval Science Department of Purdue University! Challenges await you in the NROTC program. We are committed to providing the very best qualified officers for service in the United States Navy and Marine Corps. To attain this goal, we focus on academics, leadership, physical readiness and commitment to service. We provide students with the skills necessary to succeed, not only as naval officers, but more importantly, as citizens of this great country.

Our primary goal is to create an environment where academic success is readily attainable. A battalion-wide mentor program administered by the Midshipmen ensures academic accountability for all students. We assist Midshipmen and encourage them to enroll in core classes together, a technique that has proven successful in fostering academic success. Additionally, paid tutors, staff members and senior Midshipmen tutor students needing supplemental instruction. These efforts, together with the studious efforts of our Midshipmen, have resulted in an academic grade point average (GPA) of upper-class NROTC students which is consistently above the university average, and 80 percent of our Freshmen have a GPA above 2.5.

In addition to academic courses, Midshipmen participate in Naval Lab and Physical Training. This two-credit hour course is designed to develop leadership skills and is administered by the NROTC Midshipmen Staff under the direction of professional Naval Officer instructors. As students progress in NROTC, their responsibilities and leadership opportunities grow within the Midshipman Battalion. With these expanding opportunities they develop the leadership skills required of an officer in the Navy or Marine Corps.

Physical fitness is an important component of the military lifestyle. In the NROTC program, we follow the same physical fitness program as active duty officers in the Navy and Marine Corps. Regular exercise, athletic competition and intramural sports develop Midshipmen physically and promote healthy lifestyles.

Several programs provide students the opportunity to serve in our community. The Midshipmen coordinate a partnership with a local elementary school to provide tutors for students and assist with physical plant maintenance. Students participate in service learning projects with the local Veteran’s Home, where history comes alive as they interact with those who have previously served. Additionally, we sponsor the largest annual community blood drive on campus. We are convinced these programs teach the importance of community involvement, provide valuable experience to the students and foster goodwill between the NROTC program, the University, and our community.

Naval ROTC at Purdue is a team - a team of people. And people, not machines or equipment, are the key to success: success built on education, service, commitment and experience. We work together to ensure the success of each student and the entire Battalion of Midshipmen. We set standards, provide guidance when needed, and then allow students the opportunity to perform and grow to their fullest potential. If you have the desire to serve, to succeed and to develop as a leader, then a career in the United States Navy or the United States Marine Corps is waiting for you. I invite you to join our team at Purdue University NROTC.

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                                                                               C. M. Nelson
                                                                               Captain, U.S. Navy
                                                                               Commanding Officer