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At the Purdue Polytechnic Office of Globalization, we understand that increased cultural and global awareness is becoming a key element for success in most professional careers. In a recent study of employers, 78% reported that their priority is to recruit and employ college graduates who have international experience interacting with people and business operations in cultures outside their own, so why not set yourself apart from the rest and GO GLOBAL! *

Our office is committed to creating and sustaining global strategic collaborative partnerships with institutions that provide opportunities for long and short-term student and faculty mobility and collaborative research.

One of our goals is to increase intercultural development opportunities for students, faculty, and staff. Research shows that you do not have to be in another country to have intercultural growth. When intentionally facilitated by providing cultural mentoring and support, intercultural learning and development can also occur in your home country! We are proud and fortunate that our study body represents 134* countries; and our colleagues, international faculty and staff, represent 83*nations. Indeed it is the 4th largest population of international students, faculty, and staff at a U.S. public institution.*

Given the current global pandemic and subsequent pause in global mobility, we are proud to launch new programs that integrate virtual intercultural learning into the curriculum. We are looking forward to continue exploring innovative and new ways to create intercultural experiences in our backyard for our students, faculty, and staff.

Our office, as well as our colleagues in the Center for Intercultural Learning Mentorship Assessment and Research, offer many opportunities for you to learn and grow your intercultural skills while making global connections. Yes, you read that correctly, there are opportunities that do not require you to study in another country. While online learning cannot fully replace an immersive study abroad experience, there are ways to develop intercultural skills at home.

New additions to our offerings in response to the global mobility pause are:


*VIP Global collaborative research projects (Check out Prof. John Sheffield’s project here!)

* “Study Away” Domestic programs: - Can’t leave the US just yet? There is plenty to learn inside our borders!  More details coming soon! Financial aid available!


As we look forward (Summer 2021 and later) we have more than a dozen locations on four continents that work closely with us in providing students with full semester study abroad experiences taught in English that are aligned with our curriculum plans of study to ensure on-time degree completion. Through student exchange agreements these long-term abroad activities allow you to pay your current Purdue tuition while earning your credit hours in an international environment. The University offers financial support in the form of travel grants to students ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 (depending on duration) to help offset the costs of going to our partner student exchange locations. The Office of Globalization can also assist you in finding possible internships during your full semester abroad to further broaden your time away from home while providing you with invaluable work experiences for your résumé.

In addition to full semester activities, we have more than 125 students participate in short-term faculty-led study abroad programs each year. These 1-2 week short term global activities take place during spring break, winter break, and the summer months and offer students the chance to gain credits while being briefly immersed in new cultural experiences that will leave you with life-long impressions.

If you want further information or want to ask questions, please e-mail us at  techglobal@purdue.edu to set up a virtual appointment. The Polytechnic is proud that we have representation among our faculty, staff, and students of more than 80 nations worldwide. Beyond home countries we can also introduce you to faculty, staff, students, and academic advisors who have participated in global programs who can give you first-hand insight on how their global experiences have shaped them and changed their perspective on the world as well as their professions.


Next time you are in the Knoy lobby, please stop by the video monitor in front of Suite 150 and see videos and photos highlighting our globalization efforts.

Go Global!


Elizabeth Barajas, Jen Ramos, Misty Clugh


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