Our Team

The Office of Globalization works hard to maintain and create global experiences for Purdue Polytechnic faculty and students.  Elizabeth Barajas, Jen Ramos, and Misty Clugh work daily with colleagues from universities in a variety of countries to make the world a little smaller for our students and theirs. 

Elizabeth BarajasElizabeth Barajas:


As Purdue Polytechnic’s Director of Globalization, Elizabeth works to identify and develop strategic global opportunities for all Polytechnic stakeholders.  She represents the college on Purdue’s Global Academic Committee and is the International Programs Officer and Intercultural Learning Officer for the Polytechnic.  Elizabeth firmly believes that intercultural competence is crucial in our globally connected world and leads the Polytechnics Intercultural Competency initiative.

Elizabeth joined the Office of Globalization in 2015 and holds an MA in Applied Spanish Linguistics from Purdue University and a BA in Spanish from Manchester University.  She is a licensed educator in the state of Indiana and leverages her past experience to create engaging opportunities for the students at Purdue.

Elizabeth Barajas first caught the study abroad bug as an undergrad when she packed up and went to the Universitat de Barcelona to study Spanish linguistics and art.  She did not know at the time how much that wonderful and challenging experience would shape her future career path and leisure activities.  


Elizabeth's fun facts: 

Favorite international location to take students: Prague, Czech Republic

Favorite international location to eat: Lima, Peru

Least favorite airport: JFK (New York)

Aisle or window seat: Aisle for short hops, window for overnight flights

Top travel tip:  Be prepared but pack your flexibility! (and a reusable grocery bag, always pack one of those too!)

JenJen Ramos:


Jen is a Polytechnic Global Programs Specialist. She works primarily with students to identify the global activities that best fit their Plan of Study and preferred location. Jen advises students on both short-term (summer) and semester long programs.  Like her teammates, Jen is also an Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Qualified Administrator, an Administrator for the Beliefs, Events, Values Inventory (BEVI) and regularly debriefs Polytechnic stakeholders to help support their intercultural development. 

Jen returned to Purdue in 2019.  She holds a BS from Purdue in Hospitality and Tourism Management and a M.A. in International Education from School of International Training (SIT) Graduate Institute in Vermont. 

Jen got her global start as an undergrad study abroad student in Mexico and Argentina. Those experiences then led to relocation to Chile where a six-month opportunity turned into five years!


Jen's fun facts: 

Favorite international location to take students: Valparaiso, Chile

Favorite international location to eat: Istanbul

Least favorite airport: MEX- Benito Juarez International Airport (Mexico City)

Aisle or window seat: Window

Top travel tip: Put your passport in a Ziploc bag!


Misty ClughMisty Clugh:


Misty Clugh is a Polytechnic Global Programs Specialist. Misty works with Polytechnic faculty and business administrators to develop and offer the highest quality short-term study abroad programs for our students.  She also advises students on the types of global opportunities and regularly does intercultural debriefs for faculty and students.   

Misty is a graduate of Indiana University (we don’t hold it against her) and a Qualified Administrator of the IDI (Intercultural Development Inventory), a Qualified Facilitator of the GCC (Global Competency Certificate), and an Administrator for the BEVI (Beliefs, Events, and Values Inventory).

Misty completed her own undergraduate study abroad in Venice and traveled to China with a non-profit group while she was a student. Misty is proud to be chosen as the Outstanding ISS Liaison in 2019 as well as receiving the Polytechnic's 2019 Equity, Inclusion, and Advocacy Staff Award.


Misty's fun facts: 

Favorite international location to take students: Munich, Germany

Favorite international location to eat: Venice, Italy

Least favorite airport: CDG- Charles de Gaulle (Paris)

Aisle or window seat: Aisle

Top travel tip: Don’t eat all your meals in the hotel!