Alumni Interviews

As a College of Technology / Purdue Polytechnic graduate, you have learned how earning a degree from our college prepares students for lifelong success. Would you please help us spread the word?

Prospective students, current students and potential industry partners would all benefit by hearing about your experience. When you're here in West Lafayette, would you please take about 15 minutes to meet with Purdue Polytechnic's Marketing and Communication staff to share your story via an on-camera interview?

What will we talk about?

We will ask you to describe where you're working, what you're doing, and how your career has progressed since you graduated. We would also like to ask your thoughts on issues like these:

  1. Why did you choose to study at Purdue in your specific major?
  2. In what ways did your degree from the College of Technology, now Purdue Polytechnic, make you especially prepared when you graduated?
  3. Hands-on learning, team projects, and applying theory to real world problems are hallmarks of Purdue Polytechnic's programs. How would this approach to higher education benefit a new graduate who wants to work at your company?
  4. Purdue Polytechnic is integrating STEM education with the humanities, to provide students in all our majors with technical skills, communication and collaboration skills, critical thinking abilities, and the ability to adapt in our constantly-changing world. How important is it to your company for graduates to be well-balanced and adaptable in this way?
  5. Why should global awareness and cultural immersion be important to a college student today who hopes to start a career in your company?
  6. Are there ways for our students to work directly with your company, such as through senior capstone projects or internships?
  7. How would you finish the following sentence? “[My company] believes Purdue Polytechnic graduates will be uniquely qualified because …”

How will the interview be used?

Your interview might be posted on our YouTube channel (for example, please see "For the Payoff," our growing series of informal interviews with alumni), made into an article on our website, and/or quoted in our social media channels. We will email you when your interview is first posted.

I'd be glad to help! How do we arrange it?

If your campus visit is being coordinated by Purdue Polytechnic's Office of Advancement, would you please simply mention that you'd like to help out with a video interview? We will include the interview on your schedule of activities.

Alternately, would you please email to let us know when you'll be here? We would be glad to arrange the date, time and location to meet. Thank you for your help!

Is it possible to send a video instead?

If you're not currently planning a West Lafayette visit but have the ability to film high definition video, we would be delighted to work with you. With the right techniques, high-def consumer camcorders or modern smartphones can capture good video. Would you please email to mention your interest and to ask for video formatting guidelines? Thanks for being willing to go the extra mile for us!

Our "For the Payoff" alumni interview series