Course 3: Introduction to Virtual Manufacturing in PLM Environments

Next Course 3 February 3 - March 9, 2016. Registration open soon.

Course 3 Description:

Introduction to Virtual Manufacturing in PLM EnvironmentsThe goal of this course is for students to understand the methodologies and application of virtual manufacturing in functional PLM environments. This course will allow students to validate the build phase of a products lifecycle through the use of virtual manufacturing simulation process methodologies and applications. The course will emphasize PLM as a strategic business initiative and will introduce students to virtual manufacturing simulation in a relational design PLM environment.

Course 3 Objectives:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of virtual manufacturing concepts, particularly the preparation of data from design to support manufacturing processes.
  • Demonstrate literacy in the application of virtual manufacturing tools to support product development processes.

Course 3 Topics Include:

  • Introduction to Virtual Manufacturing
  • Process Planning
  • Assembly Planning
  • JIT and Lean Manufacturing
  • Work Instructions
  • Human Factors in Virtual Manufacturing

The next Course 3 starts February 3, 2016. Registration open soon.