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Safety Management System

1. Revision Record, Coordination and Control


  1. Revision Record

    1. A summary of each revision to the Purdue University Safety Manual is provided in the table that follows this paragraph. The date listed in the header of this manual will be updated with each manual revision.

  2. Coordination

    1. Revisions to this manual will be incorporated in accordance with continued development of the SMS and continuous improvement. Proposed changes that affect SMS procedures or output will be provided to the Safety Committee for input and review in advance of revision publications.
    2. In order to prevent deviation from the guidelines outlined in 14 CFR Part 5, the School’s Program leads will coordinate changes to the programs SMS with the Program Manager, Aviation Safety prior to all revisions. Programs shall document applicable Safety Manual revisions within one manual revision cycle from the published date of this manual.
  3. Control

    1. This manual is only current in its electronic format. Once printed, it is to be used for reference only, as indicated on the printed version.

      Log of Revisions

      When necessary, the Program Manager of Aviation Safety may issue revisions. These revisions shall be placed in the safety manual and maintained until a new version of this manual is approved. When a change is posted it shall be recorded, dated, and signed on the Log of Revisions below:

      Revision Number Date Inserted Author
      Original Issue 08/20/18 Stephanie Brown

      Explanation of Changes

      When a Revision is logged on the previous page, a further explanation of the changes can be found in this section. Being the first iteration of this SMS there are no changes to log as this is the first iteration of the document.