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Safety Policy

Safety is not only the foundation of the aviation industry, but the safety and well-being of our students, staff and faculty members is also the foundation of everything we do at Purdue. The School's commitment to safety is fully supported by the creation and maintenance of a robust safety culture at all levels within the School. We must proactively identify hazards around us which could lead to an undesired event such as human injury, equipment damage or fatality. 

To ensure that safety is never compromised, as the accountable executive of the School, I am making the following commitments:

  • Our primary safety objective is to identify, monitor, and mitigate safety risks to as low as reasonably practical. To that end, we will never stop improving and advancing our Safety Management System (SMS), and will provide the necessary financial, personnel and other resources needed to manage safety risk in order to continuously build upon our robust culture of safety. 
  • We will set, and regularly review, our safety goals and objectives and emphatically communicate these to all members of the School. Additionally, we will continually monitor, measure and track these objectives at all levels of the organization. 
  • We will ensure that all members of the School understand the requirement to report any safety hazard, incident or concern. We employ a comprehensive safety reporting system for any member of the School to report safety concerns or events directly to the safety personnel. 
  • We will ensure that all members of the School know that they will never be disciplined for reporting a safety hazard or event with the exception of illegal activities or intentional disregard for regulations, policies or procedures. 
  • Our response to any emergency will be measured, coordinated, timely and in accordance with our emergency response plan. Our response will be in conjunction with involved partners and regulatory agencies. 

I know that these commitments resonate with our shared values of academic excellence, collaborative partnerships, continuous improvement and value creation. Thus, these are not just my personal commitments, but our collective commitments. Above all, I expect you to help each other continually improve our safety culture. 


Manoj S Patankar, MBA, Ph.D., FRAeS
Raisbech Engineering Professor of Aviation Technology
Head, School of Aviation and Transportation Technology