News and Events


  • [10/28/2021] Our team visited the Purdue Polytechnic High School (PPHS)​ North to introduce our ongoing research to K-12 students, and showed our ROS2-based multi-robot platforms (called SMARTmBOT), and gave opportunities for students to program the SMARTmBOT.
  • [09/13/2021] Our paper “Toward a Wearable Biosensor Ecosystem on ROS 2 for Real-time Human-Robot Interaction Systems” was accepted to the IROS 2021: Workshop on Cognitive and Social Aspects of Human Multi-Robot Interaction (HMRS 2021). This paper is in collaboration with Prof. Steve McGuire at UC Santa Cruz. Please check out the paper (Link), presentation video (Link), and GitHub repository (Link). Congrats, Wonse!
  • [08/26/2021] Dr. Min gave an invited talk on "Robot Design, Planning, and Control for Environmental Applications" at the International Conference on IT-Bio Convergence.
  • [06/01/2021] We are excited to introduce a new, low-cost, and open-source mobile robot platform, called SMARTmBOT (v2021) that we have developed. We provide a detailed tutorial, and all design files and source codes, so that you can build your own SMARTmBOT. Please check out its full demo video (Link) and GitHub repository (Link).
  • [05/10/2021] Our demonstration titled "ROS2 Open-Source Swarm Robot Platform: SMARTmBot" has been accepted to be presented at the 2021 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Workshop on Robot Swarms in the Real World: From Design to Deployment - Live Demonstration, Xi'an, China, May 30 - June 5, 2021. You can check out our video demonstration (link). Congrats, Wonse!
  • [05/07/2021] Jaeeun Kim has been awarded the 1st place at the 2021 Spring Purdue Undergraduate Research Conference, in the category of Research Talks in Purdue Polytechnic Institute (link). You can watch her presentation from this link.
  • Congrats, Jaeeun! 
  • [04/30/2021] Dr. Byung-Cheol Min, received the FY21 Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration Award to honor his interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary work, from Polytechnic Institute, Purdue University! Congrats, Dr. Min! (link)
  • [02/05/2021] Dr. Byung-Cheol Min received the 2020 Outstanding Faculty Award in Discovery (Research) from the Department of Computer and Information Technology, Purdue University.
  • [01/15/2021] NASA selected our Purdue-Hongik Team as a finalist team for the NASA Space Robotics Challenge Phase 2 Competition. Wonse, Shyam, Go-Eum, and Dr. Min are members of the team. Visit this link for more details.


  • [11/20/2020] Tamzidul Mina has successfully defended his PhD thesis "Social Behavior based Collaborative Self-organization in Multi-robot Systems". Tamzid will start his new chapter in Sandia National Lab. Congrats, Tamzid!
  • [11/19/2020]  Dr. Min gave an online invited talk titled "Towards Adaptive Human Multi-Robot Systems" at Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea.
  • [11/18/2020]  SMART Lab's CAREER project team conducted a virtual outreach event for K-12 students of the Purdue Polytechnic High School (PPHS)​. In the meeting, we introduced our NSF CAREER project and our ongoing research and showed a virtual lab tour video (link).
  • [11/16/2020]  Wonse Jo presented "Affective Adaptive Control System for Multi human Multi robot Teams" at the Fall 2020 Realizing the Digital Enterprise (RDE) - Mini-Talks event (video). 
  • [11/16/2020] Goeum Cha presented "Human Cognitive Load Prediction with Behavioral Cues for Human-Machine Interaction" at the Fall 2020 Realizing the Digital Enterprise (RDE) - Mini-Talks event (video). 
  • [11/16/2020] Jaeeun Kim presented "Development of an Open-source Mobile Robot Platform for Swarm Research Application" at the Fall 2020 Realizing the Digital Enterprise (RDE) - Mini-Talks event (video). 
  • [10/12/2020] Wonse Jo presented the paper titled "ROSbag-based Multimodal Affective Dataset for Emotional and Cognitive States" at the 2020 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics (SMC). You can check out this paper (link).
  • [09/06/2020] Our paper titled "Investigating the Effect of Deictic Movements of a Multi-robot" was published in International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction. You check out this paper (link) and supplementary video (link). 
  • [08/18/2020] Our paper titled "Adaptive Workload Allocation for Multi-human Multi-robot Teams for Independent and Homogeneous Tasks" was published in IEEE Access. You can check out this paper (link) supplementary video (link).
  • [07/08/2020] Our paper titled "Asymptotic Boundary Shrink Control with Multirobot Systems" was published in IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems. You can check out this paper (link) supplementary video (link).
  • [04/23/2020] Shaocheng Luo has successfully defended his PhD. A title of his dissertation is "Multi-robot System in Coverage Control: Deployment, Coverage, and Rendezvous". Shaocheng will start his new chapter at the University of Alberta. Congratulations!
  • [02/25/2020] Dr. Min received the Purdue University’s 2020 Focus Award to recognize his dedication to disability and accessibility. 
  • [01/27/2020] Our team launched a new Github page to share our GUI programs and ROS packages for reading wearable psychological sensors and cameras. If you are interested in our study, please visit this link


  • [12/09/2019] (Done) Our team started a new user study to collect emotional and behavioral data using various wearable psychological sensors and cameras. If you are interested to participate in our study, please visit this link
  • [11/20/2019] Our team visited the Purdue Polytechnic High School (PPHS)​ to introduce our ongoing research to K-12 students, and showed the adaptive telepresence robot platform and web-based emotion detection program.
  • [11/18/2019] Our team participated in the 2019 Purdue Fall Undergraduate Research Expo that is is an opportunity for undergraduate researchers to showcase the scholarly work and creative endeavors they have been engaged in through oral or poster presentations. Three posters were presented at this event: "A Study on the Impact of Movements and Audiovisual Feedback in Swarm Robots on Users" by Jaeeun Kim, "Development of ​an Adaptive Human-Robot Teleoperation Platform" by Walter, and "Development of Low-Cost, Simplified Humanoid Head" by Yuta Hoashi.
  • [11/15/2019] Our team participated in the Purdue Next Generation Scholar that is an outreach event for local high school students to explore Purdue. Two posters were presented at this event: "Human-swarm Robot Interaction Platform for STEM Education" by Wonse Jo, and "You Cannot Hide Your Emotions From Us!" by Manoj Penmetcha.
  • [10/14/2019] Jaeeun Kim joined the project team as an undergraduate research assistant. Welcome Jaeeun Kim!
  • [10/09/2019] Tamzidul Mina presented the paper titled "Efficient Resource Distribution by Adaptive Inter-agent Spacing in Multi-agent Systems" at the 2019 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics (SMC) in Bari, Italy. You can check out this paper (link) supplementary video (link).
  • [09/30/2019] This project website was launched.