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Current Research


Human Multi Robot Framework

Multi-human multi-robot (MH-MR) systems have the ability to combine the potential advantages of robotic systems and humans in the loop. Robotic systems contribute with precision performance and long operation of repetitive tasks without tire, while humans in the loop enhance decision making .....

Predicition Algorithm of Emotional and Cognitive State

This research is to predict human’s emotional and cognitive states using physiological data (such as EEG, EMG, ECG, GSR) and behavior data (camera-based facial expression, body gestures, and speech). In order to estimate the states, we will explore advanced machine learning technology, .....

Adaptive Human Multi Robot System

This research is to introduce a new interaction system for a human multi-robot team. Especially, the major goal in the system is to transport an unknown object with a human and multi-robot system. The system will utilize human's emotional and cogntive states for ... 

Human-Robot Interaction Applications

This research is to introduce potential Applications regarding human-robot interaction, called affective HRI applications; 1) telepresence robot platform, 2) affective robot had, 3) affective multi-robot platform, and 4) multi-robot testbed.