Grade Appeals

Purdue University provides a formal mechanism for faculty-student grade disputes as described in the University Regulations: An Online Reference Book for Students, Staff and Faculty (Scroll down to letter E. Grade Appeals System).  The burden of proof in determining whether the grade should be changed is on the student, except in cases where an appeal occurs because an instructor assigned a lower grade than the one earned because of alleged academic dishonesty.  In those cases, the burden of proof lies with the instructor.

Before invoking a formal grade appeal the student should first meet with the instructor of the course to attempt to resolve the dispute informally. The second informal step is a meeting with the department head. Should these informal steps not resolve the grade dispute, the student may file a formal grade appeal in writing to the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs in the Purdue Polytechnic Institute, Kathy Newton (Knoy 467). Note that the Purdue University Office of the Dean of Students provides a Student’s Guide to the Grade Appeal Process for students considering filing an appeal.

Faculty members should familiarize themselves with the college and university procedures described in the University Regulations.  If you have specific questions about the process, please consult Associate Dean Kathy Newton, chair of the Purdue Polytechnic grade appeals committee.