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Master of Science in Engineering Technology

Students who are admitted to the Master’s program have the option of completing a thesis, non-thesis or the course work only option.

Thesis/Directed Project Option

The thesis or directed project option is highly recommended because it gives you a chance to do independent research and publish a thesis or report. The students completing a thesis or directed project have funding opportunities in the form of a teaching or reaching assistantship. Completing a thesis or directed project provides students with an advantage because you have the ability to perform independent research.

Each of our program options require you to complete a total of 30 credit hours.
The thesis option requires you to complete a total of 21 credit hours of graduate courses and a minimum of 9 credit hours of research.
Thesis and directed project students are required to take the following courses: STAT elective, MET 52700, MET 50300, ENGT 50100, and TECH 64600.
Every student is required to file and electronic plan of study, this must by then end of your 2nd semester. After you plan of study is approved you can make revisions at any time.

Course Work Only Option

The course work only option requires students to complete 30 credit hours. This option offers less flexibility in course choices and students are ineligible for ENGT funded graduate or teaching assistantships. Course work only option plan of study

Combined BSET/MSET Program

The combined Master of Science degree in Engineering Technology and Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Technology is an integrated accelerated program providing students the opportunity to complete both degrees in 5 years. The structure of the program allows students to take up to 9 credit hours of graduate courses that are dual counted towards the BS degree and the MS degree.

Online Master of Science Degree

Connect engineering, technology and science to practical industrial or business applications and emerge as a leader in your field. With Purdue's online MS in Engineering Technology program offered through our Polytechnic Institute, you'll gain deep technical knowledge, essential skills and direct experiences in the discipline. Find out more about our online MSET program.

Doctor of Philosophy in Technology

Students admitted in to the PhD program are required to complete a minimum of 90 credit hours above the bachelor’s degree but counting up to a maximum of 30 credit hours for an appropriate master’s degree. At least one third of the total credit hours used to satisfy the degree requirements must be earned in continuous residence at Purdue. Find out more about our PhD in Technology program.