Graduate Faculty

Graduate Faculty
Name Title Contact Info Research Interests
Ragu Athinarayanan's picture
Athinarayanan, Ragu Professor
Grad ID #: C8248
Frederick Berry's picture
Berry, Frederick Clayton Professor
Grad ID #: C10326
Ken Burbank's picture
Burbank, Ken Professor and Head, School of Engineering Technology
Grad ID #: C8318
Thin film sensors
James Condron's picture
Condron, James Assistant Professor of Practice
Grad ID #: C9243
M. Creasy's picture
Creasy, M. Austin Associate Professor
Grad ID #: C9955
Vibration/Acoustic Modeling and Control, Adaptive Control, Engineering Technology Education
Nancy Denton's picture
Denton, Nancy L. Associate Head for Academic Programs/Professor
Grad ID #: C3552
Data Acquisition, Machine Health Monitoring, Mechanics
John Denton's picture
Denton, John P Associate Professor
Grad ID #: C5210
Nanotechnology, Electronic materials, Electronic communications, Analog electronics
Xiumin Diao's picture
Diao, Xiumin Assistant Professor
Grad ID #: C9287
Robotics and automation, Human-robot interaction
John Dickey's picture
Dickey, John Limited Term Lecturer
Duane Dunlap's picture
Dunlap, Duane D Professor
Grad ID #: C3553
Jeffrey Evans's picture
Evans, Jeffrey J Professor Emeritus of Engineering Technology
Grad ID #: C5944
765-714-3535 (m)
Learning Innovation, Artificial Intelligence in Music, Distributed Computing and Sensor Networks
Richard French's picture
French, Richard Mark Professor
Grad ID #: C6321
Experimental Mechanics, Noise and Vibration, Stringed Instrument Design
Joseph Fuehne's picture
Fuehne, Joseph P. Director, Polytechnic Columbus and Maha Associate Professor
Grad ID #: C6181
Metrology, Fluid Power, Mechatronics
José Garcia Bravo's picture
Garcia Bravo, José M Assistant Professor
Grad ID #: C8765
Fluid Power, Robotics, Tribology, 3-D Printed soft actuators and integrated componets
Qingyou Han's picture
Han, Qingyou Professor
Grad ID #: C7178
Solidification Processing of Metals, Thermodynamic and Kinetic Simulation of Phase Transformation, Alloy Design, Ultrasonic Processing of Materials, Nano-composites, Casting, Forging, Extrusion and Welding, Nanostructured Materials
Bradley Harriger's picture
Harriger, Bradley C. Professor
Grad ID #: C3934
MFET, CAD/CAM/CNC, Robots, PLCs, Vision, Auto ID, Implementation of Manufacturing Systems
Gregory Hedrick's picture
Hedrick, Gregory Chief Information Security Officer, Purdue University
Grad ID #: C10391
Robert Herrick's picture
Herrick, Robert J Professor, Robert A. Hoffer Distinguished Professor of EET
Grad ID #: C3644
Navigational aid & communication systems, Electronic switching systems, Analog circuits and electronics, The art and technology of teaching - workshops
Jeffrey Honchell's picture
Honchell, Jeffrey W Associate Professor
Grad ID #: C5652
Davin Huston's picture
Huston, Davin H Assistant Professor of Practice Motion capture, Audio/video transport networks, Immersive Art and Performance, Additive Manufacturing
Scott Hutcheson's picture
Hutcheson, Scott Senior Lecturer, Organizational Leadership | Director, Purdue Agile Strategy Lab
Grad ID #: C10047
The Science and Practice of Complex Collaboration, Agile Approaches to Strategy, Organization and Ecosystem Design and Transformation
William Hutzel's picture
Hutzel, William J. Professor
Grad ID #: C4524
HVAC Systems, Building Automation, Renewable Energy Systems
J Jacob's picture
Jacob, J Michael Professor
Grad ID #: C3643
Audio electronics, Analog electronic circuit design, The art and technology of teaching
Gozdem Kilaz's picture
Kilaz, Gozdem Assistant Professor (with courtesy appt. in SATT)
Grad ID #: C9026
High Resolution Compositional Analysis, Middle Distillate Transportation Fuels, Trustworthy Electronics
Sarah Leach's picture
Leach, Sarah E. Associate Professor
Grad ID #: C9744
MET Education, Teaching with Technology, Project Lead The Way
Sunghwan Lee's picture
Lee, Sunghwan Assistant Professor
Grad ID #: C10764
Walter (Daniel) Leon-Salas's picture
Leon-Salas, Walter (Daniel) Associate Professor
Grad ID #: C8812
Anne Lucietto's picture
Lucietto, Anne M Assistant Professor
Grad ID #: C9542
Energy - Production, Renewable, Materials - All Aspects, Engineering Techology Education
Huachao Mao's picture
Mao, Huachao Assistant Professor
Grad ID #:
Additive Manufacturing, Smart Manufacturing
Helen McNally's picture
McNally, Helen A Associate Professor
Grad ID #: C6623
Development and integration of scanning probe microscopy for biological and medical applications, Nanotechnology education
Paul McPherson's picture
McPherson, Paul Assistant Professor of Practice
Grad ID #: C9641
Education about Technical Standards , Quality Control for Manufacturing, CAD use in Industry
Robert Nawrocki's picture
Nawrocki, Robert A Assistant Professor
Grad ID #: C10392
Organic and physically flexible electronics, Bioelectronics, Neuromorphic and memristive systems, Chemical sensors
Brittany Newell's picture
Newell, Brittany Assistant Professor
Grad ID #: C9026
Kathryne Newton's picture
Newton, Kathryne A Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Faculty Success, Professor of Supply Chain Management Technology
Grad ID #: C4155
Supply Chain Management Operations, Graduate Education, Human Resource Development, Industrial Training, Quality Management
Jason Ostanek's picture
Ostanek, Jason Assistant Professor
Grad ID #: C1025
heat transfer, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, energy storage, internal combustion engines, turbulence
Suranjan Panigrahi's picture
Panigrahi, Suranjan Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
Grad ID #: C7825
Smart sensors/sensing systems for automation, quality control, detection and diagnosis applications , Intelligent decison support systems using artificial intelligent techniques including machine learning, Innovative products/processes for social challenges in low resource settings via interdisciplinary team approach
Karl Perusich's picture
Perusich, Karl A Associate Professor
Grad ID #: C3559
Megan Prygoski's picture
Prygoski, Megan Assistant Professor of Practice
Grad ID #: C10333
Milan Rakita's picture
Rakita, Milan Assistant Professor of Practice
Grad ID #: C9288
Simulation and troubleshooting of manufacturing processes, Additive manufacturing, Product Design
Mo Rastgaar's picture
Rastgaar, Mo Associate Professor
Grad ID #: C10784
(765) 494-8634
Assistive Robotics, Controls
Grant Richards's picture
Richards, Grant P Assistant Professor of Practice
Grad ID #: C8080
Phillip Sanger's picture
Sanger, Phillip A Professor
Grad ID #: C9375
John Sheffield's picture
Sheffield, John William Professor
Grad ID #: C9421
Industrial Energy Efficiency and Hydrogen Energy Technologies
Matthew Stephens's picture
Stephens, Matthew P Professor
Grad ID #: C3929
Statistical quality control, Design of experiments, Total productive maintenance, Production facilities planning, Productivity management
Raji Sundararajan's picture
Sundararajan, Raji Professor
Grad ID #: C6884
Electrical and laser pulse-mediated chemo drug/gene (DNA) delivery (to cancer cells, organs and humans) , Electrical and electronics applications to medicine, health care, and home health gadgets, Power and high voltage engineering, Energy technologies and applications, Modeling and simulation of biological systems
Mathias Sutton's picture
Sutton, Mathias J Associate Professor
Grad ID #: C5032
Engineering economic analysis, Automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) , Statistical methods in technology, Adult education and distance learning strategies
Richard Voyles's picture
Voyles, Richard Daniel C. Lewis Professor
Grad ID #: C9007
(765) 494-3733
Robotics, Embedded Systems, Human/Robot Interaction
Xiaoming Wang's picture
Wang, Xiaoming Associate Professor
Grad ID #: C8928
Materials Processing , Materials Characterization, Materials chemistry , Lightweight metals, Liquid metals
Rustin Webster's picture
Webster, Rustin Deane Assistant Professor
Grad ID #: C10366
Design Education, Project-Based Learning, ET Outreach
Neal Widmer's picture
Widmer, Neal S Professor
Grad ID #: C5953
Haiyan (Henry) Zhang's picture
Zhang, Haiyan (Henry) H. Professor, Director of Center for Technology Development
Grad ID #: C7209
Advanced Manufacturing Control, Vehicle Powertrain/Automatic Transmission Design, Mechatronics and Robotics