Digital Measures

June 30 will be the last day in which faculty will be able to access Digital Measures. The grand majority of information housed in Digital Measures by that deadline will be mapped to Elements, but Elements won’t be readily accessible until January.


Digital Measures is a tool for faculty members. Faculty members can create reports for annual reviews, career awards, CVs, P&T, and more.


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Course Evaluations - The report from Digital Measures does not include the completed table.

  • Annual Reviews: Please run the batched reports from Course Evaluation (formerly EvaluationKIT) and then upload them to the Course Evaluations screen in DM. This will create links in your annual review document. Click here for a help video.
  • P&T: You need to create the table separately then paste the table into the report before submission. Spring 2023 does not need to be considered. 


COVID-19 Impact Statements - The Provost's office has encouraged faculty members to include a statement about the impact of COVID-19. This will collected an reported through DM. In the Annual Activity Narratives screen within the Narratives section, the first text field is for your COVID-19 Impact Statement. This will populate as the first section of your Polytechnic - Faculty Activity Review report.


Evaluation Period - The annual review is done on a calendar year.


P&T Summary Statement - Review the P&T Handbook for guidance.

Two-Minute Screencasts

These are short recordings demonstrating how to do some common tasks.

Publications - Import: No Match Found for Collaborators - Ignore suggested collaborators during the import process

Visiting Scholar - Teaching - Where this information is pulled into the report

Report Template - Download the latest version of reports so you can see the logic.

Multiple Screens into One Section - Some sections of the reports have information pulled from two screens. You need to pick the one that best captures your data.

Purdue e-Pubs - Allow your publications to be reviewed by the librarians for inclusion in this open access textual digital repository.


FAQs or "Where do I put..."

Conference Proceedings - Enter "Proceedings of [Conference Name]" into the "If this is part of larger work" field on the Publications screen. 

IMPACT - Enter this as Professional Development

Engagement - The university's guide to what is the Scholarship of Engagement. 

Graduate Committees - Go to the Purdue Graduate School Database to generate a list of plans of study. 

Technical Assistant Program Activities – Enter in Community Partnerships & Service Learning

Data Imports

Sponsored Programs records are imported monthly. Records come from the COEUS Administrative system. You may discover discrepancies in this data from your documentation. Please contact me and we will make inquiries.

Courses - Lectures and Labs have been imported to Classes Taught. New this year, we imported Supervised Research and Directed Independent Study courses to a new screen titled "Research & Independent Study Courses (Imported)". 

Other Resources

Digital Measures Official Guide on Import Items - This article goes through steps for all the major reference managers.


Help from a human -