Polytechnic research awards - October 2021

Funded research awards for October 2021. Bolded names are Purdue Polytechnic faculty or staff; starred names are the principal investigators.

  • Growing the Engineering Educators Entrepreneurial Mindset Through a SOTL-Focused Virtual Writing Experience
    Investigator(s): Lisa Bosman**, Nathalie Duval-Couetil; Sponsor: Arizona State University; Polytechnic: $100,000
  • Purdue Kwangwoon Korean Square Fall Program 2021
    Investigator(s): Eric Matson**, Anthony Smith; Sponsor: Kwangwoon Univ, Seoul, South Korea; Polytechnic: $24,000
  • Using Bioengineering and Bio-Inspired Design to Integrate the Entrepreneurial Mindset into the Engineering Classroom
    Investigator(s): Lisa Bosman**; Sponsor: Arizona State University; Polytechnic: $100,000
  • Collaborative Research: CCRI: NEW: Research Infrastructure for Real-Time Computer Vision and Decision Making via Mobile Robots
    Investigator(s): John Mott; Yung-Hsing**, James Goppert, Shaoshuai Mou, Shreyas Sundaram, Wei Zakharov, Sponsor: National Science Foundation.; Polytechnic: $147,151.84; Total: $919,699
  • Friction Test Program for Seamless Coverage of System
    Investigator(s): Yi Jiang; Sponsor: Indiana Department of Transportation; Polytechnic: $160,000
  • Graph AI for Precision Medicine in Chronic Diseases Using Longitudinal Real-World Evidence Mdata
    Investigator(s): Justin Yang**; Sponsor: Indiana University; Polytechnic: $37,802
  • Purdue Dongguk Korean Square Fall Program 2021
    Investigator(s): Eric Matson**; Sponsor: Dongguk University; Polytechnic: $24,000
  • Sensor-linked Management Techniques for Enhancing Water Use Efficiency, Yield and Quality of Peanuts a Multidisciplinary Approach 2.0
    Investigator(s): Suranjan Panigrahi**; Sponsor: Fort Valley State University; Polytechnic: $12,500
  • Confined Space Safety Training through 3D Simulation
    Investigator(s): Atefeh Mohammadpour**, James Jenkins, George Takahashi; Sponsor: OSHA; Polytechnic: $37,492.50; Total: $75,000

**Indicates principal investigator

Total Polytechnic awards = $599,746.34