Techies Today Episode 017: Mike Reckowsky & Tech Expo, a Showcase of Student Solutions

Mike Reckowsky, director of industry relations in Purdue Polytechnic, says companies that sponsor students’ senior capstone projects receive working prototypes that address real-world problems. See students’ unique problem-solving abilities on display during our Tech Expo, and learn why your company should partner with our college.

Techies Today Episode 014: Toni Munguia, Making a Difference

This episode of Techies Today features a visit with Toni Munguia, Purdue Polytechnic’s director of recruitment, retention and diversity. Learn why Toni loves her students like her own family. Toni tells us how she first came to Purdue, why working with students is so meaningful to her, and how her TECH 101 course makes a difference for students and the Polytechnic.

Techies Today Episode 009: Mark Zimpfer, Construction Management & Limitless Opportunities

Mark Zimpfer, assistant professor of practice in Purdue Polytechnic’s School of Construction Management Technology, talks about the "almost limitless opportunities" for students studying construction management technology and about the construction industry-related YouTube channel he is helping to develop.