Techies Today Episode 018: John Gates, Belonging and Inclusion for Everyone

John Gates, Belonging & Inclusion for Everyone, on Techies Today, the Purdue Polytechnic Podcast

Equity is not about treating everybody the same or about being fair. John Gates, Purdue’s vice provost for diversity and inclusion, says that equity (in diversity, equity and inclusion, or DEI) is about providing people what they need to succeed, even if that means treating people differently. Parents endeavor to love their children equally but treat them uniquely, according to their individual needs. What we do innately in our lives, Dr. Gates says, is what we should do in our classrooms and offices. And success in DEI should be measured by how well we build community and meet each person's unique needs, not by percentages and statistics.

Dr. Gates spoke with Levon Esters, Purdue Polytechnic's associate dean of diversity, equity & inclusion and faculty affairs.

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