Advising & Registration

At Purdue, advising and registration are separate.


Students in the Purdue Polytechnic Institute must meet with their academic advisor at least once per semester.

Summer 2022 advising

Academic advisors work from home during the summer months, when their primary focus is Virtual Student Transition, Advising & Registration (VSTAR). This means that your academic advisor may not be immediately available to assist you. Please be patient!

  • Returning students: Please reach out to your primary advisor regarding your situation, question or concern through your normal Fall/Spring channels: BoilerConnect or email. Walk-in meetings may not be possible this summer.
  • New students: We’re happy you have been admitted to Purdue! Please follow the instructions sent to your Purdue email address for scheduling a Virtual Registration appointment. Walk-in registration is not available this summer.
  • Visitors: During Virtual Registration, we are not available for department tours or meetings, no matter how brief. We will be happy to see you when we return to campus in the fall!

During summer Virtual Registration, we do our best to have one academic advisor on campus. This representative may be available for in-person meetings; however, Virtual Registration is their top priority and they may not have time to work with you that day.

Academic Advising: Summer Campus Schedule*

Dates on Campus

Advisor Name

Office Location Email Address
May 30 - June 3 Melody Carducci* Knoy 209
June 6 - June 10 Danielle Gilbert* Knoy 417
June 13 - June 17 Kearstynn Goulette* Niswonger 172A
June 20 - Jun 24 Lindsay Haugland* Knoy 111
June 27 - July 1 Cassie Pendleton* Young 323
July 5 - July 8 Aimee Griggs* Knoy 355
July 11 - July 15 Gloribel Rosales-Burdin* Knoy 419
July 18 - July 22 Heather Mayorga* Knoy 357
July 25 - July 29 Susan Hockings* Knoy 117
August 1 - August 5 Lisa Klein* Knoy 213
August 8 - August 12 Angie Murphy* Knoy 207

* Advisors may not be immediately available during summer months. Please be patient!

Meeting with your Advisor

  • Your assigned academic advisor will send you a BoilerConnect invitation link via email to make your required appointment each semester.

    • If you have any questions or concerns, you can make an appointment at any time with your assigned advisor in BoilerConnect.

Preparing for your Advising Session

  • Please review MyPurduePlan for accuracy.
  • Determine how many credit hours you want to take.
  • Compile a list of courses and alternates that you would like to take.
  • Once the Schedule of Classes is available, make sure course times work together. 
  • Determine that you meet all the prerequisites for the courses you want to take.

Topics Typically Covered in an Advising Session

  • Progress toward your degree.
  • Appropriate courses for the next semester.
  • Academic standing.
  • Internships, career fairs and other non-academic opportunities.
  • Registration PIN will not be released without meeting with your assigned academic advisor.
  • Please continue to check for registration holds prior to the batch registration deadline.
  • Other questions a student may have.


  • Meet with your assigned academic advisor to discuss course selections.
  • Make sure your Course Request Form (CRF) is accurate, with alternates as appropriate.
  • Submit your Course Request Form by following the instructions given by your academic advisor.
  • Confirm your holds are lifted by the batch deadline listed on the Advisor Recommendation Form.
  • Make sure your Course Request Form is submitted by the batch deadline.
  • Video of How to use the Course Request Form
  • Student FAQ

After Schedules are Released

  • View your schedule from Week-at-a-Glance on the left side of the Academic tab in myPurdue. You will need to enter a date that is within the appropriate semester.
  • Confirm your enrollment. Enrollment confirmation can be completed on the Financial tab on myPurdue once fees are assessed.
  • Pay your fees by the due date indicated. A fee statement will not be generated until you register.
  • Monitor your schedule periodically on Week-at-a-Glance. Classes occasionally get moved, changed or cancelled. It is the student’s responsibility to check your schedule and make any changes necessary.
  • Read your Purdue email regularly. You should be notified if any changes have been made to your schedule.

Additional Information

Registration PIN:  In order to register, you must meet with all of your advisor(s) prior to registration. The Registration PIN for the summer and fall semesters is the same.