Plans of Study

PLEASE NOTE: The Plans of Study on this page are presented for general information only--for exact personal plans of study, each student must see his or her academic advisor for an accurate record of the Plan of Study that you received when entering. Curriculum plans of study may change often, while the plan of study received upon entering remains the same for that entering student. 

Degree Printable Document
Aeronautical Engineering Technology file icon AET-fall-2017
Aerospace Financial Analysis file icon AEFA-fall-2017
Airline Management and Operations file icon ALMO-fall-2017
Airport Management and Operations file icon APMO-fall-2017
Animation file icon ANIM-fall-2017
Audio Engineering Technology file icon AUET-fall-2017
Automation and Systems Integration Engineering Technology file icon ASET-fall-2017
Aviation Management file icon AM-fall-2017
Building Information Modeling file icon BIM-fall-2017
Computer and Information Technology file icon CIT-fall-2017
Construction Management Technology file icon CM-fall-2017
Cybersecurity file icon CSEC-fall-2017
Data Visualization file icon DTVS-fall-2017
Design and Construction Integration file icon DCI-fall-2017
Electrical Engineering Technology file icon EET-fall-2017
Engineering-Technology Teacher Education file icon ETTE-fall-2017
Game Development and Design file icon GAME-fall-2017
Human Resource Development file icon HRD-fall-2017
Industrial Engineering Technology file icon IET-fall-2017
Mechanical Engineering Technology file icon MET-fall-2017
Mechatronics Engineering Technology file icon MHET-fall-2017
Network Engineering Technology file icon NET-fall-2017
Organizational Leadership file icon OL-fall-2017
Professional Flight file icon PFT-fall-2017
Robotics Engineering Technology file icon ROET-fall-2017
Supply Chain Management Technology file icon SCMT-fall-2017
Systems Analysis and Design file icon SAAD-fall-2017
Transdisciplinary Studies in Engineering Technology file icon TSET-fall-2017
Transdisciplinary Studies in Technology file icon TST-fall-2017
Unmanned Aerial Systems file icon AUAS-fall-2017
UX Design file icon UX-fall-2017
Virtual Product Integration file icon VPI-fall-2017
Visual Effects Compositing file icon VFX-fall-2017
Web Programming and Design file icon WEB-fall-2017