AFROTC Learning Community

The Air Force ROTC Learning Community is designed to bring together first-year AFROTC students who have the ultimate goal of becoming Officers in the United States Air Force. The Learning Community is open to both men and women and allows cadets to room with other first-year cadets of the same gender. You will be paired with a roommate also in AFROTC and live on the same floor as other AFROTC freshman. The benefits of living in the AFROTC Learning Community include:


  • Having a roommate that is on the same sleep schedule as you
  • Living with multiple wingmen that will wake you up for AFROTC classes if you ever oversleep
  • Having an RA who is also in AFROTC who can give you tips and advice about managing school and cadet life
  • Living with wingmen who help each other with cadet life such as uniform wear or Air Force knowledge
  • Living in a Residence Hall that is in close proximity to PT locations and Engineering Buildings (Owen Hall)
  • Living on the same floor as your closest friends


The Air Force Learning Community is in no way a ‘locked on’ or ‘strict’ living environment. It has the same atmosphere as living in any other LC with the same standards. The LC also hosts a variety of activities throughout the year in which cadets may take part. Events such as Dining In, Career Night, Paintballing, and Air Force Base visits are just a few of the many activities to help develop future Air Force Officers in both a professional and fun environment. While participation in the Learning Community is not a requirement for AFROTC, it is highly encouraged because it builds morale and camaraderie within the wing.


The following is a testimonial of a former Air Force ROTC Learning Community resident:


“Looking back at the past school year I realize how fortunate I was to be a part of the AFROTC learning community. Its environment of acceptance and companionship is one which will be difficult to duplicate in the future. I lived with amazing people who shared my motivation and was able to better prepare myself for AFROTC through their aid. Not only did I build strong relationships with everyone in the learning community, I also learned a lot about myself and why I chose to be a part of Det. 220 and a student at Purdue. My experience in the learning community had a tremendous impact on my growth as a person and it will remain with me for a lifetime.”            


-C/3C Brady Bird, Aerospace Engineering


Check out the AFROTC LC application on the Purdue LC website. 

This page current as of June 13, 2018