Remember, by joining Air Force ROTC at Purdue you are NOT committing yourself to military service. You can try us out commitment free for up to 2 years. Your commitment to service would not start until you either contract with the Air Force by accepting an AFROTC scholarship or enter the Professional Officer Course (POC). A cadet enters the POC at the beginning of their junior year at Purdue.

To join Air Force ROTC at Purdue as an incoming freshman, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Add AFT 110, AFT 111, and Air Force PES 114 to your schedule through your academic advisor.
  2. Complete and submit to us, the TD-0 RSVP form located under the TD-0 tab.
  3. Complete and bring a hard copy of your sports physical to TD-0
  4. Attend the TD-0 event in August.

If you are currently a student at Purdue and would like to join AFROTC, please stop by our offices located on the second floor of the Armory building on campus. We will be happy to work out an arrangement that will work with your current academic plan.

This page current as of June 13, 2018